Interview #2: Robbie Rivera

By: Michael Maurer
Today we sit down for a chat with Puerto Rican superstar DJ and producer, Robbie Rivera.

If there’s anything Juicy to it, there’s a big change you’ll se Robbie Rivera involved. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Mr. Rivera has been in contact with music ever since he’s been a teenager, playing at gigs whenever he had the change. After moving to Miami in 1992, and producing the latin house track “El Sorullo”, his musical career was greatly underway. Soon followed the foundation of his label, Juicy Music; the creation of his compilation CDs, Juicy Ibiza Mix: the inception of his Juicy Radio Show, and the establishment of his annual parties, Juicy Ibiza and Juicy Beach. And before you know it, one of Puerto Rico’s best DJs has gone International, hypnotizing the whole world with his productions. Enjoy the interview, and stay juicy.

Genres: All types of house music
Years DJing: 25 years
Social Media: Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Official Website

Forward Musiq: First off I’d like to thank you for conceding us this interview. It’s a great pleasure to know that although you are touring the world right now, you manage to spare some time for your Puerto Rican fans. Indeed, you are an “orgullo boricua”!
Robbie Rivera: That’s right. 100%.

FM: Your interest in music goes back to your chilhood days, when you would buy records from artists such as Depeche Mode, U2, and New order. What motivated you to go from listening music, to mixing music? How about your first gig, how was it?
RR: My first gig was when I was only 13. I played a house party for an older crowd. I used 1 battery operated Radio Shack mixer, one turntable with no pitch control, a cassette deck and one speaker with a faulty tweeter. It was great.

FM: If I’m not mistaken, you started DJing in Puerto Rico’s nightclubs at the young age of 16, while your peers were still busy getting good grades in high school. How was the island’s nightlife scene at that time?
RR: At 16 I was djing every weekend with my mobile dj group called “World Party DJs”. We would do mostly school parties for schools like “Maria Reina”, “CPN” and others. We did a lot of senior proms, weddings, etc… I twas not playing in clubs yet.

FM: As the years passed and you established yourself in the industry you started touring around the world. What has been your favorite gig so far?
RR: My favorite gig was playing in Puerto Rico with Tiesto a few years ago in front of 20k people. That was amazing. Also I love playing in Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza. There are too many.

FM: What thing do you always carry with you for a gig?
RR: My headphones and my 2 USB drives full of juicy music.

FM: Being on the road so much, how do you keep track of new released?
RR: I always have my mac laptop and I listen to new music at home before I leave for a gig or ate the hotels.

FM: What’s your current favorite tune to get the crowd’s energy flowing?
RR: Hypster – Uprising

FM: What is the best thing about being a DJ?  How about the worst?
RR: Best thing: I get to make people smile and happy. Worst: Lack of sleep.

FM: Do you have any word of advice for upcoming DJs and producers?
RR: I always advise DJs that they have to create a track with a new sound that stands out. From this your career can change. Be original.


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