deadmau5: Ranting about Festivals

By: Etienne G. Melnik- Frontera
Come and see what Joel’s “screw the world” attitude has to say about festivals, and possible speculations about his participation in 2012’s Ultra Music Festival.

There is no doubt that deadmau5 is one of the most important figures in electronic dance music today. His sold out shows in his recent Meowingtons Hax Tour are a testament towards his success. But aside from many artists in the scene, Joel Zimmerman is not afraid to say what he thinks about the world, and even more to take his own route to get things done the way he wants to. So, it’s no surprise that on his most recent LiveStream he ranted about the hugely popular Ultra Music Fest (UMF). Joel claims that big festivals such as the UMF and the Electric Daisy Carnival are run by “children” who don’t know how to organize a proper event. Another of his claims that drew our attention is that in festivals like these the artist is technically sold to the owners of said festival for the time the artist plays, and that the artist is subject to any change that is decided at the last moment. For example, deadmau5 himself participaed in the Ultra last year, yet his set was cut short an hour by another hugely popular artist, Tiësto. This obviously bothered Joel, since he had already been asigned a time-slot, and now his fans would not be able to enjoy his set to the fullest extent. He also claimed that if an artist has a stage or a unique live set such as himself, the owners of the festivals might not allow the artist to bring their stages or unique shows, due to conflicts with other high paying artists. He makes valid points with this, since no one is happy when your favorite artist is not able to perform at his best for his fans. Festivals should also be more flexible when it comes to these issues, since it’s their job to make sure the crowd gets what they need, not the owners or the high rolling artists want.

In his livestream (which you can see above) he also mentions that he respects the french duo, Daft Punk, for their decision to not play at festivals and “sell themselves out” like other artists do. The main reason of this is that Daft Punk do their own shows to be able to give they’re fans  the full experience. With this decision, deadmau5 could be hinting  that he plans to do his own gigs from now own, particularly to avoid anymore conflicts with festivals, or that he simply will embark on Daft Punk’s route and stop presenting himself at events in which he would be “selling himself out”. Whatever be the motivation behind Joel’s busy mind, we can only wait and see what the future has in store. But to be certain, we doubt Joel’s  participation in the upcoming Ultra Music Festival.


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