Interview #12: Moguai

Michael Maurer
Today we sit down with Moguai for a short interview. Read on to delve into the mind of the German progressive house genius.
Moguai’s productions are deep and very emotional, quite melodic too. They narrate a story; sometimes it is filled with joy and happiness, yet sometimes sadness and grief are its driving force. It is music for the soul, music that can be heard countless times yet will never get repetitive, because every synth breathes new life back into the track, no matter how simple or complex its musicality. While some of Moguai’s productions manage to weave themselves into the deepest layers of the ear and the soul, others manage to infuse the dancefloor with  never-ending energy. Either way, his sounds are progressivons at their finest. 2011 was his most successful year to date, and he will be receiving this 2012 with the release of his brand-new album, MPire.

Name: Moguai
Genres: House / Progressive / Techno
Years DJing: 16 years
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Forward Musiq: What motivated you to enter the world of electronic dance music? How did you come about the name ‘Moguai’?
Moguai: It started when I first visited a Techno Party in Düsseldorf in the early 90s. The music sounded completely new and revolutionary to me, and that was basically the kick-off. Back in the days everyone DJ had an alias, so I had to look for one. My sister studied architecture and had a project of a club in Barcelona she called „Moguai“. I liked that name so much that my moniker was born.

FM: Do you remember your first gig? How was it?
M: The first gigs were in very small private venues, and only for a hand full of people, but I just loved making music, no matter how many people standing in front of me.

FM: How about your favorite one?
M: Oh man, it´s really hard to pick just one. There were so many great gigs and memories in the past years… Beta in Denver and Womb in Tokyo maybe were my favorite club shows, EDC in LA this year, and of course playing the Loveparade back in the days, the favorite festivals.

FM: Given the intricateness of your productions, about how long does it take you to finish a track? What is your standard procedure of production?
M: That really depends on the track, sometimes everything happens in a flow, and a track is finished in 2 days, you already start with the hook and everything builds just around it. On the other hand it can take months and dozens of demos if the last small bite is missing and you´re trying different ideas.

FM: You’re characterized for your delicate and deeply progressive house productions. Even so, how would you describe your sound at the moment of producing? How has it evolved since you produced your first song?
M: Haha, as you might guess I came a long way on the production side as I started in the mid 90s, things sounded rougher and much faster back then 😉 But to focus on the present, i´d say that my tracks are pretty emotional.

FM: Which artists have served you as musical inspiration over the years?
M: Sven Väth had a big influence on me in the 90s with his radioshow “HR3 Clubnight”, his sound was always ahead of things.

FM: What is the best thing about being a DJ? How about the worst?
M: We all know about the benefits of being a DJ, but most people forget that it´s still hard work, always little sleep, always travelling… but it´s def worth it, no doubt.

FM: When performing, what is something you always carry with you?
M: I have this little inflatable neck pillow that accompanies me on my journeys, it´s perfect to have a nap in the plane or in the shuttle.

FM: Production-wise, what has so far been the best track of 2011?
M: Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)

FM: Of all the tracks you’ve made, which is your favorite one? Why?
M: U Know Y in 2002 on the one hand, it had massive impact on my career and life. And Lyve on the other hand, representing my “new” sound, very vintage and emotional.

FM: Which is the best track to start the night with? And to close?
M: Starting with something from Solomun or Fritz Kalkbrenner, and closing with an Eric Prydz track.

FM: If you could collaborate on a track and spend one day with any DJ/Producer, who would it be? Why?
M: Jacques Lu Cont / Stuart Price, always loved his productions and sound!

FM: Where do you think you will be 10 years from now? How about electronic dance music as a whole?
M: EDM will always remain, maybe not that popular as it is right now, but I don´t think it will disappear from the musical landscape. but I really can´t say what will be my role in 10 years.

FM: Are there any goals you want to accomplish in what is left of this year? How about 2012?
M: I have just finished my second album, which will be released end of January in 2012 on mau5trap.. that was quite exhausting the last months, but i´m reeeeally happy with the tracks!

FM: Are there any other things you enjoy apart from producing music?
M: Of course spending time with my wife, doing sports, going out with friends.. the ordinary stuff 😉

FM: What was your childhood dream? Did it have anything to do with where you are now?
M: Hm, I am neither an astronaut, nor pilot.. so I guess not

FM: Where do you stand regarding music piracy? Are you in favor of it, or against it?
M: The artists spending the time to create and promote their music deserve the right to get paid for it, simple as that. It´s frustrating when you see people earning more money with sponsored ads on their illegal blogs than the original artist.

FM: Thank you very much for your time; it has been a complete pleasure! Keep on doing what you do best! Any lasts words of advice towards your Puerto Rican fans? Ever thought about coming to visit the island?
M: Thanks a lot for having me! Hope you´ll all keep your love for electronic music! Will def look for a date on your island, never been there.. and I´m always keen on seeing new things.


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