Sunday School #2: Wolfgang Gartner

By: Forward Musiq
Discover the life of one of America’s most successful electronic dance music producers, Wolfgang Gartner.

Adjectives fall short to describe his peculiar attention to detail when producing music. His meticulous work ethic of spending weeks tweaking a track back and forth is quite unique and unparalleled, probably the driving force behind his success. In his own words, “maybe it’s like an insecurity and not being satisfied listening to it over and over, but I’m constantly asking myself ‘Could it be better?’ It could take me three hours to add this little milisecond sound that nobody but me will ever know is there, but I do it”. His name is Joey Youngman, aka Wolfgang Gartner, and he has been lurking in the shadows revolutionizing the whole genre of electro-house music.

Hailing from Texas, Wolfgang Gartner’s interest in music started when he was just a young boy, taking classical music lessons in third grade to comply with his mother’s desires. Starting off his musical carrer in the year 2007 by producing tech-house for a few months, Youngman soon found that his passion in music production lie elsewhere. It was so, out of a sudden spark of motivation, that Youngman adopted the “Wolfgang Gartner” monicker and started delivering one massive tune after the other. First came “Yang“, and not so long after, his critically acclaimed “5th Symphony“. 2010 was just around the corner, and Wolfgang had no plans to stop doing what he did best. That year saw the wrath of the bass-driven, speaker plowing “Undertaker“; the simple, yet energy evoking “Conscindo“; his first collaboration with production superstar deadmau5, “Animal Rights“; the progressive, yet punchy “Illmerica“, remixes for acts such as Britney Spears and the Black Eyed Peas, one of Wolfgangs’s most intricately elaborate productions to date, “Space Junk” . By then, he was signed to Ultra Records and already touring around the whole world, playing for thousands of people at international festivals such as Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, and the renowned Electric Daisy Carnival.

The arrival of 2011 brought with it Wolfgang Gartner’s break into mainstream dance music thanks to “Forever“, his collaboration with Black Eyed Peas vocalist Will.I.Am; his power-loaded, unforgiving “Ménage à Trois“; and of course, his album, “Weekend In America”. Launched on September 20, “Weekend In America” has been Wolfgang’s biggest achievement to date. Including some of his previous productions such as “Illmerica“, “Space Junk“, and “Forever“, songs with rappers by the likes of Omarion, and Jim Jones & Cam’ron, “Weekend In America” show us not only Wolfgang’s unique production skills, but also his love for other genres and his constant musical innovation. “The Devil’s Den“, his most recent production, sees him diving alongside Skrillex into the grimeyness of dubstep synths, mixing them successfully with his electro-house complexity. To add to his whole success, Wolfgang Gartner has had 8 songs hold the #1 position in Beatport’s “Top 100 Chart”. When performing, Wolfgang Gartner gives the crowd no break to recover, he keeps blasting at them with energetic tracks, mostly productions and edits of his own. Some of them are released, and others will never see daylight. That is him, the king of electro-house, the emperor of bass, the man in charge of revolutionizing the genre …and you hadn’t even realized it.

Undertaker – Wolfgang Gartner
Forever – Wolfgang Gartner ft. Will.I.Am
Illmerica – Wolfgang Gartner
Animal Rights – Deadmau5 ft. Wolfgang Gartner
Space Junk – Wolfgang Gartner
Shrunken Heads – Wolfgang Gartner
The Champ – Wolfgang Gartner
Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony – Wolfgang Gartner
I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) – Tiesto ft. Sneaky Sound System
The Devil’s Den – Skrillex ft. Wolfgang Gartner


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