Moguai releases MPire on mau5trap

By: Forward Musiq
Even though Moguai doesn’t release music as often as other DJ/Producers do, whenever he does, it is as if you’ve struck gold in your search for a beautiful piece of progressive-house. Very recently, he released his second album on mau5trap. Titled MPire, it fuses sounds from electro, progressive, and techno to create a rhytmical masterpiece of synths and melodies which I like to call nothing else than “soul music”. Each track has its own feel to it, and although his unique style is present throughout the whole album, no two productions evoke the same type of emotion. Whether it’s the luxuriously complex, driving harmonies of Dynamo and Heimaterde, the progressive artistry of Lyme and Tommy Trash collaboration In ‘N’ Out, or the relentlessly pounding tech-bedlam that is N.E.O, this stunning album delivers more than it’s fair share of peak-timers to satisfy the cravings of dancefloor junkies worldwide. Have a listen, and enjoy.


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