Interview #15: Tom Tyger

By: Forward Musiq
Today we sit down with French talent Tom Tyger for an interview.

Name: Tom Tyger
Genres: Tech / Progessive / Trance
Years as DJs: 3
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, SoundcloudOfficial Website, Kronos

Forward Musiq: What motivated you to become a DJ and start producing music?
Tom Tyger: “Everywhere” and “Blink” from John Dahlback really gave me the love of electronic music. Now I’m producing because I really want to play music that I like, my music.

FM: Do you remember your first gig? How was it?
TT: Of Course! It was in Lyon 3 years ago. I was so nervous but after the third track I started relaxing myself and it was really fun. I didn’t expected so much good reaction from the crowd and after this night the club took me as resident dj.

FM: How about your favorite one?
TT: This year I’ve been playing at Sundance, a really big festival which take place every single year in Switzerland. I played mainstage with Avicii, Laidback Luke, Martin Solveig… great night !!!

FM: How do you produce music? Do you have a standard procedure, or do you just let the creative juices flow as they come to you?
TT: I’m now producing in my home studio since a few months without any standard procedure. If you come you will find my own loops. Sometimes I begin with a kick drum, sometimes with a synth, sometimes with a vocal… everytime it’s different.

FM: About how long does it take you to make a track?
TT: It really depends on inspiration. Sometimes it’s crazy but in less than 5 hours I can make it but sometimes it’s much more difficult and it can even take 1 month to finish it because of so much projects that I’m working on…

FM: How would you describe your sound at the moment of producing?
TT: I would describe it as Tech/Progressive/Trancey sounds because I really like too many different music styles.

FM: Which artists have served you as musical pillars of inspiration?
TT: Chris Lake inspired me in tech music, Axwell in progressive music and I really like Hardwell’s tracks at the moment. Now I try to make my own music which is really important for me.

FM: What is the best thing about being a DJ? How about the worst?
TT: The best thing is the relation with other djs and with fans and crowd this is the BEST thing!! I’m not fond of ultra commercial radio because it’s a bit degrading towards our job.

FM: When performing, what is something you always carry with you?
TT: I always carry my ear protections. It’s really important.

FM: Production-wise, what has so far been the best track of 2011?
TT: Waooow it’s hard also to choose one! Okay Tommy Trash – The End because it was so fresh!

FM: Of all the tracks you’ve made, which is your favorite one? Why?
TT: It’s not released yet. It’s called “Loving Hatred”!! Hope that people will like it when it will be released.

FM: Which are the three best tracks to get the crowd going?
TT: David Guetta – The Alphabeat (Original Mix), Mike Candys & Jack Holiday – One More Time (Original Mix), Florida – Good Feeling (Hook N Sling Remix)

FM: If you could collaborate on a track and spend one day with any DJ/Producer, who would it be? Why?
TT: For sure AXWELL! The best for me.

FM: Where do you think you will be 10 years from now? How about electronic dance music as a whole?
TT: Hope I will be working with many big and upcoming  artists that I like. And of course that electronic music will be even more present as currently.

FM: What goals do you have for 2012?
TT: I’m really looking forward to getting my tracks released on big international labels and to collaborating with other producer that I like.

FM: Are there any other things you enjoy apart from producing music?
TT: My first passion is sport. I’m used to playing football since I’m very young and I also love to surf.

FM: What was your childhood dream? Did it have anything to do with where you are now?
TT: As a child I was dreaming to make something in relation with people and yes now I think it’s the beginning of what I was dreaming about.

FM: Thank you very much for your time guys, I’m a huge fan! Any lasts words of advice towards your Puerto Rican fans? Ever thought about coming to visit the island?
TT: I have seen so many videos of surf in Puerto Rico. I imagine it’s a beautiful island. I hope I will be there  soon to play and surf! Thank you for your support, you will be able to listen to my upcoming tracks on my Soundcloud really soon and I really hope you like them!

Thank you so much.


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