Sunday School #6: Knife Party

By: Forward Musiq
We present to you our weekly Sunday School, this time we talk about Knife Party

As a spawn of Pendulum, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen created Knife Party as a side project to dwell upon new grounds in electronic music. Mainly a Eletro House act, Knife Party draws heavily from elements that characterize Dubstep. Knife Party suddenly came out of nowhere, bursting into the scene with such force and energy that had not been seen since Skrillex’s debut into EDM. Their first track was a remix for Swedish House Mafia’s Save The World.

The track did not only come out of nowhere, but it blew up our eardrums the first time we heard it. Starting of normally with the Save The World original track we though that it had nothing special about it. But as the build up started we where treated to an immense burst of Electro House madness filled with an array of laser sounds and synths. The song just transformed into something unique and never before heard. At this point we knew that Knife Party was something that was going to be big in the following months. What followed was their take on Nero’s Crush on You.

Their next track was a remix for Nero’s Crush on You. And what originally was a poppy Dubstep song became a massive Drum & Bass Electro hybrid that tore up the dance floors entirely. Having established their signature bleeps and massive bass, Knife Party started to play original songs in their shows. And soon anounced that their EP would include these. But before it was released, another remix was done, Unison of Porter Robinson.

Pure filth and bass is what this remix is about. Knife Party’s take on Unisons further matured their signature sound of lasers and immense basselines to a degree that their sound could no longer be ingored. It was clear that this was going to be big. And the first to take advantage of this sound where Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia.

Knife Party’s collaboration with Skrillex is a moombahcore beast called Zoology. And with great reason, since the unreleased track’s drop is famous of its use of animal sounds. Both artists sounds mix in perfectly to deliver an overall fun track that satisfies our need for more bass. This collaboration was second only to their next, which after drawing their attention with the Save The World emix, would only come naturally. Of course we’re talking about Swedish House Mafia.

Massive, intense, epic, huge. These are just a few words that describe Antidote, Knife Party and Swedish House Mafia’s collaboration. The track is just an all out soon to be classic that blasts intensity into your face. The video goes well with the song, featuring a strip club/ mafia hideout assault. An Electro House track, we can see the perfect mixture of Mafia’s iconic big-room sound with Knife Party’s lasers and bass, al culminating with sleek vocals that add fuel to the already roaring fire that is the song. What came next from Knife Party was their long awaited EP, 100% No Modern Talking.

100% No Modern Talking, Knife Party’s debut EP came out as if it where a drop. With an already huge build up that had been created for months, the drop finally came out on December 12, 2011 on EarStrom, Pendulum’s label. The EP kicks of with Fire Hive, a huge dubstep track made to smash floors with the intensity of it’s bass. Fire Hive was one of the first songs to be played during sets, and had been part of the rising build up that made Knife Party such an international success. The second track is called Tourniquet, a melodic yet fun and intense Electro House that lays well within their style. Moving on to the third track, possibly their most ridiculous and laser filled song ever, properly called, Destroy Them With Lazers. The song is just pure lasers everywhere. Although it can be easily mistaken for Dubstep, it’s far from that. It’s pure Electro House in every sense of the genre. after a while of laser killing, the song transitions into a melodic break and picks right back where it left of: Destroying us with lazers. The last track of the EP is Knife Party’s signature song, Internet Friends. Funky, fresh, original, fun and supremely intense beyond words. Done in Electro House, though sometimes mistaken as Dubstep, the song is an all out laser and bass war, carefully crafted with melodic rhythms and samples that make up one hell of a song.

Knife Party without a doubt is something that is here to stay for good. The pure originality of it’s sound can testify to this, and the sheer feedback given by EDM fans also attributes to what started as a side project and is now becoming a huge success everywhere. Their laser and bass filled songs have redefined the limits of Electro House to new boundaries, and they continue to push them and polish their sound with each track they do. It’s no mystery how they became so popular since Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen ae the masterminds behind Pendulum.

Original Post done by Michael Maurer. Re-publish by Etienne Frontera


Save The World (Knife Party Remix)- Swedish House Mafia

Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)- Nero

Unison (Knife Party Remix)- Porter Robinson

Antidote- Swedish House Mafia feat. Knife Party

Fire Hive- Knife Party

Tourniquet- Knife Party

Destroy Them With Lazers- Knife Party

Internet Friends- Knife Party


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