Sunday School #7: Zedd

By: Forward Musiq
This week we present to you the German mastermind of electro-house, Zedd.

Zedd can be described as one of the most prominent artists rising in the EDM scene. His unique style has given a breath of fresh air to the popularized Electro House genre. And it isn’t a shock that his natural talents are now showing, since Anton Zaslavski was born from musicians and began playing piano at the age of four. Later on in 2002 he began playing for the German post-hardcore band, Dioramic. But after hearing the iconic † (cross) album from Justice, he began taking an interest in electronic music. Soon in 2009 he began producing.

With his new stage name, Zedd, Anton began making his name known in the EDM scene. His breakthrough came when he won two distinct remix contests. The first, “Armand Van Helden / Strictly Rhythm Contest” with his remix for Withc Doktor and later on he won “Fatboy Slim / Skint Remix Contest” with the remix done for Weapon of Choice. All of this success directed Zedd towards one path, releasing his own original material.

The Anthem was Zedd’s first single. The song is done in a unique Electro House fashion, only capable of being produced by the German genius. What made it stood apart from other Electro House productions was the pure meticulous , complex and intelligently produced manner in which he composed the songs, alongside with a signature highly layered and crunchy bass and a side of melodic magic made Zedd’s formula one original piece of work. The song marked the start of his own style of music, often called Zedd Style, one he would stick to in his later productions.

Zedd’s second single was called Autonomy. The song continued to show Zedd polishing his skills as a producer and refining his style even more. Though more mature in a sense than The Anthem, Autonomy lacked the wonders that his later counterparts would have. Not that we’re saying that the song is bad, far from that it’s a wonderfully melodic and fun track, done in his unique and original style.

The Legend of Zelda. One hell of a production. Without a doubt one of Zedd’s most popular and recognized works. The mere fact that he took on a gaming culture anthem was daunting enough, but with the over-bearing feeling that so many others had tried and failed did not deter Anton from creating a wonderful recreation of the original with a dashing touch of his own formula. This song marked the beginning of Zedd’s rise into popularity with a more mature and finely polished formula in his music. The Legend of Zelda is one of those productions that you have to sit down and listen well. Every note, sound, beat and synth is perfectly placed in complete harmony to recreate on the most memorable theme songs in the world.

This mention could not be avoided as it is part of Zedd’s debut into the international scene and is one of his most important works. We are talking of course about his remix of Skrillex‘s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Though we normally try to focus more on an artists original work, Zedd’s remix included in the EP stood out as one of the best tracks in there and is widely considered one of his best so far. The song completely shows a more mature style of producing, presenting a fully developed Zedd Style at it’s fullest.

Changes feat. Champions was part of a compilation single done by Skrillex in which Needed Changed done by Skrillex and 12th Planet and World on Fire by Flinch where included. Changes is done in a more melodic style than his previous tracks, drawing influences from Progressive House. Though his signature sound remains present all along the song.

Released through Dim Mak, Dovregubben has become another hit added to Zedd’s list. The sheer epic contained in one song can alone be achieved by the German mastermind. Mixed in with iconic classical music, Zedd delivers a massive track one that began continued to let the world that his was here to stay. And the world responded with awe.

Shave It could be said was Zedd’s breakthrough original song in commercial music. Not having sold out, but more than gaining attention from everyone associated with music, in other words the world. Funky, fun and original, the song stands out as one of Zedd’s finest having a catchy and dirty bass mixed in with symphonic synths that make up a great song.

Zedd’s next single proved to be a bit of experimentation with Dubstep. Done for fun while waiting in a flight he was taking, Zedd delivers a dirty, filth filled bass production that at the same time retains his melodic signature sound.

Star Comes Out featuring Heather Bright is one of Zedd’s most finely composed tracks so far, rivaling The Legend Of Zelda, Stars Come Out is a huge melodic masterpiece that is accompanied to perfection by Heather’s voice. The song is done in his usual Electro House style, but we think there’s a dash of more intensity in this one. Though his next and latest song takes over the title of intensity.

Slam The Door is without a doubt Zedd’s finest work so far. The sheer intensity packed into the song, and the perfect composition make it the best of the best when it comes to his productions. Slam The Door has Zedd Style written all over it, melodic breaks that gives a breath from the more intense and epic parts carve a way through the song to make up a perfect balance between the two colliding forces in the song: Intensity and melodicness.

Zedd without a doubt has become one of the higher representatives of Electro House. His name can be only associated with complex and uniquely produced songs. Yet at the same time he stands as a symbol of gaming culture and pop culture, having his songs influenced by such themes as these, Zedd is able to deliver us with music only a genius can compose. And at the end of the day that’s what he is, although we are sure he would deny it. Zedd is a mastermind in his field, a complete genius in creating music that haunts our dreams and make us move till’ we drop.


The Legend of Zelda- Zedd
Shave It- Zedd
Dovregubben- Zedd
The Time (Zedd Remix)- Black Eyed Peas
Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)- Skrillex
Scorpion Move – Zedd
Born This Way (Zedd Remix)- Lady Gaga
Nothing On You (Zedd Remix)- B.o.B
Slam The Door- Zedd
The Anthem- Zedd
Autonomy- Zedd
Stars Come Out- Zedd
Changes – Zedd ft. Champions
Latin Fever (Zedd Remix) – Wolgang Gartner
Lucky Date (Zedd Remix)- Ho’s & Disco
Save The World (Zedd Remix)- Swedish House Mafia
WEEKENDS!!! ft. Sirah (Zedd Remix)- Skrillex
Icarus Lives! (Zedd Remix)- Periphery


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