Presenting Self-X: RMXS PT. 1

By: Forward Musiq
Self- X gives a taste of what happens when you fuse metal and electronic dance music, and manage to get away with it.

Self- X is in two words unique and genius. The artist hailing from Paderborn, Germany, has managed to catch our attention, and with astounding intensity made our jaws drop to the floor. His style is a mix of many things, Metal, Electro- House, Techno and Dubstep. But it’s his Dubstep that catches our attention. In the past we have experienced the unique and curious mix of metal and electronic dance music ( Infected Mushroom, Skrillex, Modestep and now Korn) and the results have been interesting. Well this makes a comeback with Self- X. His specialty, Metalstep. The unique and intense fusion of metal with electronic dance music Self- X has achieved is unprecedented and downright epic. It can basically be described as a tornado of heavy guitar rifts and melodic synths rising up to a devastating bass and guitar infused drop. Though we have to point out that so far he has only done  2 Dubstep songs, the rest fall under the category of either Rock or Metal infused Electro- House or Techno.

Self-X’s remix of Second & Sebring, a song from the well known Metalcore and Post- Hardcore band Of Mice & Men, is one of the previous Dubstep songs we mentioned. This one is done in the Metalstep fusion, and it’s quite obvious why it’s called that. The song is pure wobble basses synced with melodic synths and guitar rifts paving the way throughout the song. The remix is included in his recently launched free EP called Rmxs Pt 1. The second song we mention that was done in Dubstep is not included in this EP though.

This may be our favorite song Self-X has done. Those who have watched the series Dexter know by heart the creepy yet fun theme song. Well Self-X too that charming tune and added an excess of bass and genius into the formula. The bass drops are insane, but are mellowed out by melodic breaks that soon change into more drops, making an addictive formula for the remix. Self-X’s decisions to include voice samples from the series add an extra amount of fun for those die hard fans.

Self-X without a doubt is an artists we need to keep a close eye on. His producing skills are well enough polished and his curious yet satisfying mixes with metal and EDM have gained our respect. Though he remains largely unknown to the international community, we have no doubts he will rise in fame as time goes. His style simply cannot be passed by without taking a second sonic taste.


Rmxs Pt 1- Self-X

Dexter Theme (Dubstep Remix)- Self-X


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