Camo & Krooked – Between The Lines

By: Forward Musiq
In a couple of weeks, Drum & Bass titans Camo & Krooked will be releasing Between The Lines, a full LP of remixes of their second album, Cross The Line. The album will be featuring several remixes done by artists and a few done by Camo & Krooked themselves. Here are a few of the tracks that will be appearing in the album.

Further Away

Further Away is Camo & Krooke’s remix of their song Far Away. What was once a chill and mellow piece now gets an epic retouch while still preserving the mellow essence of the track.

Lost In The Future feat Jenna G and Futurebound

Lost In The Future was originally In The Future, and this remix done by Camo & Krooked gives it a more downtempo and trance like feel to the song.

The album is set to be released on March 19, 2012 and will include remixes done by High Maintenance, BCee, InsideInfo, Submorphics, Metrik, Mind Vortex, Smooth, Sub Zero, Fred V & Grafix, Funtcase and Dead Battery. The digital download will feature an extra set of remixes. Here is the complete tracklist plus the digital download bonus songs.

01 Get Dirty (Smooth remix)
02 Lost In The Future
03 Dusk To Dawn
04 Afterlife (BCee remix)
05 Cross The Line (Metrik remix)
06 Anubis (Inside Info remix)
07 Further Away
08 Run Riot (Sub Zero remix)
09 Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex remix)
10 All Fall Down (Fred V & Grafix remix)
11 Hot Pursuit (Funtcase remix)
12 Watch It Burn (High Maintenance Remix)
13 Change Me (Submorphics remix)
14 Hot Pursuit (Dead Battery remix)

Digital Download Bonus Songs:
15 Menace (Mefjus remix)
16 Portal (Subwave remix)
17 Make The Call (dnb mix)
18 The Lesson (Body & Soul vs Fourward remix)
19 Hot Pursuit (Cazio remix)


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