Alexandre Fossard

By: Forward Musiq
Alexandre Fossard is EDM’s newest prodigy chi. Rising fast and hard, come see what this young French artist has to offer.

The French have always been known for their quality in artists (Daft Punk, Etienne de Crecy, Justice, Dirtyphonics,SebastiAn, DJ Mehdi, and many more), and recently we have seen an increase in artists younger and younger, rising up in fame for their production skills as well as DJing abilities. A fine example of this is Madeon who at a young age of 16 managed to capture the attention of the world with his music. Now  a new young artist has risen, enter Alexandre Fossard. With only 14 years, the young French producer has managed to draw attention from big time producer Robbie Rivera, who signed him to his Juicy Music label. Alexandre began producing at the age of 12, and often played at clubs in Paris where his mixes captivated the audience who always demanded more from him. Since then, Alexandre has been mixing at events year round, gaining more and more fame for his skills, while at the same time having released a couple of his own original works.


Autumn is Alexandre Fossard’s first original production, a mellow and perfectly composed Progressive House. The track was released last year on November 1 on Harkee Records a Spanish label, through Beatport and iTunes. A well made song, that stands out for it’s mellow rhythm, Autumn triumphs as a Progressive House track, rivaling those of veteran producers in the field.

Break Her feat. Benjamin Franklin and Clayton Amilton

Alexandre’s next work, Break Her, is a collaboration with Benjamin Franklin and Clayton Amilton. It is a more House oriented track, and a big one. The collaboration was released through BFK Records and went on sale through Beatport on November 20, 2011. The song is a fast moved and catchy  House, that has that club-hit feel. Though the song is well made, Alexandre’s sounds are not clearly established, mainly since this is his first collaboration and his second track as an artist.


Ultra is Alexandre’s track which will be released through Robbie Rivera’s label, Juicy Music, as part of the Juicy Beach Compilation for March. The song which is expect to be released on the 12th, is a big-room Progressive House, done in the same sound that characterizes Swedish House Mafia, and each of its own members, but with the young french artist’s own touch. We await this song with great  anticipation.


Prolega is another big-room Progressive House type track that is proving to be quite the tune, composed of epic and high rising synths and a catchy beat. The track will be released through HouseVisions Records on Beatport on March 16, 2012.


Finally, Frenesie is a more mellow and simple Progressive House than the rest. The song will be released through the label Finest House Music on Beatport on March 28, 2012


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