Sunday School #9: Puerto Rico Electronic Music Festival

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday we take a look at out country’s own EDM Festival, the Puerto Rico Electronic Music Fest.

With a rising EDM scene taking a hold of Puerto Rico, new festivals and events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival, Dayglow, Glowstep, Mega Electronic Fest and others are taking a hold of the scene. Yet one event has taken root in these fertile grounds as a unique and national event, held dear by all our local talent. We’re talking about the Puerto Rico Electronic Music Fest, our island’s own and only EDM fest that features exclusively the finest of our local talent. Originally, the event was born back in 2010, when the country’s mainstream EDM scene was just beginning to take force and momentum. The event was held in the Cuevas de Camuy, and was rapidly identified as a unique event that gained its reputation for being one, if not the best rave done in Puerto Rico. Including over 30 of our local heroes, and 3 stages, it’s no wonder why the PREMF gained such notoriety. This year the event made a return, to a place held close to the heart by many veteran ravers of Puerto Rico, La Plantacion en Rio Grande.

The venue was obviously unique. The Plantation is reknown in the island for being host to the first and most important raves ever held in Puerto Rico. And one can not help but imagine what those raves back in the day were like, while some of the more veteran fans can just re-visit the occasions in their memories. The Plantation is an eco-park, meaning it is an ecological tourist atraction. Its location is on the feet of the majestic Yunque, the most important mountain and ecological reserve in Puerto Rico. The added feeling of a tropical jungle was this year’s theme for the PREMF, one that hit spot-on for many fanatics of the local scene. And such began the wait for the lineup.

This year the PREMF presented itself with more artists than the last, 36 to be exact. The festival was divided into three stages, each one playing host to a different spectrum of genres. Over 3,000 people took part of this unique event and all of its surprises, which lasted well into the beginnings of the morning, just like past raves had been known so well for.

Lost Forest

The Lost Forest was a stage where House, Electro and Progressive reigned supreme. It was the main stage of the event, and featured LED visuals and lighting as well as a spacious dancefloor. Some of Puerto Rico’s finest artists played here such as the duo Propane, Ivan Robles, Xtasys, Wolves Can Riot, The Harvest and Janpier Beauchamp.

Groove Terrace

The second stage was a more jungle oriented place where Techno, Tech-House and Deep House where present the whole night. artists that prevailed here were Chuck Maurice, Jon Delgado, Gulembo, Switch Audio and Kleptic.

Bass Jungle

Bass Jungle was where all the action took place. Drum & Bass, Breaks and Dubstep shook the whole stage the whole night. With over 50,000 Watts of bass blasting, LoHi Stereo, PR Dubstep Cru, Ian Bazehead, Custom Soldierz and many more ruled the whole event.

The Puerto Rico Electronic Music Fest has proven to be a vital part of our edm scene, showing 100% support to our own local talent and proving that we don’t need an over-priced international act to have a good rave. It also proved that a good environment and the right people, along with good music, are the right ingredients to a good time. This time
the PREMF is here to stay and not go away for a couple of years like last time. It’s an event Puerto Rico needs every year to keep supporting our local heroes and to inform and educate the new masses that are joining the EDM scene, specifically those who go by uneducated on what a real rave is about. Down to a few words, the PREMF was beautiful, unique and innovative, a formula that should become more and more present in the rest of the events that take place in the island.


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