Basspocalypse Playlist

By: Forward Musiq
We thought we should give our fans a little gift for their support, by composing a playlist of the filthiest, grimiest, jaw-dropping Dubstep we could find. We also included some songs we just thought where too awesome not to post. Enjoy!


Industry Whore- Mistabishi

Antichrist (F.O.O.L Dubstep Remix) – Night Shadow

Yinga Yang- Excision & DZ

Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix – Ephixa

Torqux & Twist – Heavy Rain

I Get Violent- Sluggo

Chemtrails-At Dawn We Rage

The Matrix- Bassnectar

Lost In Space- Obsidia

Extinction-Mantis + Bratkilla

Shambhala 2010-Excision

Know You- Excision

Boom Ft. Datsik- Excision

X-Rated Ft. Messinian- Excision

Execute- Excision

SEXisM Ft. SKisM- Excision

Darkness- Excision & Subvert

Subsonic- Excision

Existance- Excision

Fire Hive- Knife Party

Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)- Nero

Doomsday- Nero

Crush On You- Nero

Must Destroy- Figure

The Monsters Revenge (Dope Arcade Remix)- Figue


Pump it Up- Zomboy

Pirate Hooker- Zomboy

Above & Beyond- Bassnectar

Feel Good- Modestep

Sunlight- Modestep

Sunlight (Torqux & Twist Remix)- Modestep

To The Stars (Break The Noize & The Autobots Remix)- Modestep

Exile- Modestep

Dub King- Modestep

Teflon (Datsik & Excision Remix)

Swagga- Datsik & Excision

Game Over- Datsik & Flux Pavillon

Brock Out- Datsik & Funtcase

Gizmo- Datsik

Crunch Ft. Flux Pavillon- Datsik

Mechano VIP- Datsik

Lost Woods- Ephixa

Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix – Ephixa

Upside Down- Bassnectar

Bassnectar BBC Mixtape 2010

Predator- Poseidon

Cry Me A River- Borgore

Saturday Night- Borgore

Trapdoor (Ft. Hadouken)- Feed Me

Blood Red- Feed Me

Whiskers Ft. Gemini- Feed Me

Predator (Cyberoptix Remix)- Chrispy

Beetlejuice- Figure

The Terror- Helicopter Showdown

Pay For Blood- Helicopter Showdown

The Other Side (Dubstep Mix)- Pendulum

Showdown (Excision Remix)- Pendulum

Set Me On Fire- Pendulum


Fire- Johnny Joe

Meth- Johnny Joe

Makes Me Wonder (Ed-Watt Towers Dubstep Version)-…Buffering…Inc.

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again- Skream & Example

Filth- Skream

Exothermic Reaction- Skream

Heavy Hittah- Skream

Devil- Getter

Genetic Identification- Biometrix

Bassline Skanker VIP- Biometrix

Destroy Him My Robots- Liquid Stranger

Pressurize- Liquid Stranger

Meltdown- Liquid Stranger


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