Sunday School #10: Madeon

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday School we teach you everything you need to know about the EDM wonder kid, Madeon.

Recently, the EDM scene has been very lucky to be the starting stage of thousands of new and upcoming artists, all promising new and original ways to deliver music into our ears. But a young producer hailing from France has caught the EDM scene by surprise with his genius music. We are talking of course about Madeon.

Born in May 30, 1994, in Nates, France; Hugo Pierre Leclercq always had an affinity for music, having cited The Beatles and Daft Punk as his main musical influences. He started producing and composing music at the age of 11 and released a single called Gold.


Gold was Madeon’s (even though he adopted the name Madeon in 2010) very first single and production, having created the track when he was just 15 years old. One of his lesser known productions, Gold is a very mellow and happy song, serving as a base for what would later transform into more moving and intense productions. In his beginnings, Hugo Pierre began to adopt a series of aliases such as DJ Deamon, Hugo Leclercq and Wayne Mont. Under the alias DJ Deamon he produced a remix of Still Loving You and a single entitled Roll The Dums!

Roll The Drums!

Roll The Drums was done under Pierre’s alias Deamon. The song is what seems to be a more experimental phase for Pierre. The song is done in a happy hardcore style with elements of techno and trance. Another song that was done in similar style, yet moving more towards the Trance side, was Walking In The Sky, a remix. Another alias Pierre took was the mystical Wayne Mont.

Wayne Mont

This came as quite a surprise to us, we never could have thought the magical Wayne Mont could have been the same prodigy child that has been taking over the world recently. This just goes to show just how much of a genius Hugo Pierre really is. For those of you who know Wayne Mont’s work you will know he is a legend among hands up and hard trance fans. Among his works we have to mention his remix for Stacy’s Mom and Viva La vida by DJ Auzen. The mayority of his tracks are an intense and melodic mix of hands up and hard trance, both genres known for the intense feeling they radiate.


After experimenting with various musical styles, Hugo Pierre found his style in 2010 within his new alter ego, Madeon. His style then changed to nu-disco, electro-disco and electro-pop (the exact genre varies a lot within popular opinion, but to us he is the purest form of Electro-Pop.), Hugo Pierre (16 at the moment) set out out to establish himself as a new artist.

Smile Like You Mean It

Smile Like You Mean It, a song by The Killers was Madeon’s first remix. A melodic and beautiful track, his early roots from Gold clearly show here as he manages to create one hell of a remix.

For You

For You is considered to be Hugo’s first track as Madeon. A melodic sentimental ride, Madeon’s Electro-Pop style isn’t afraid to show itself in this song. Stunningly produced, it is one of our favorite songs from Hugo.


Alphabeat, by DJ, is Madeon’s second remix. The production is again an overly mellow track, done in his iconic electro-pop style. We also have to mention another lesser known remix done by Madeon. David Latour’s Friday Night was remixed by the wonder kid as well, and it is a funky electro disco style of song.


Madeon’s second original song, Shuriken, is a beautiful more progressive styled song, yet still retains the electro-pop signature sound that was gaining him attention in the EDM scene. Definitely one of our favorites, the song has a nostalgic feel to it rather than a romantic one like its earlier counterpart had.

The Island

Back in 2010, Rob Swire did a remix competition to promote Pendulum’s single, The Island. As part of the remix competition he released a free pack of stems taken from The Island (Dawn) part. What no one could have foreseen was that Madeon took those stems, and blew up the song internationally. One, if not his top production up to date, Madeon’s remix of The Island won him the competition and Rob Swire’s respect (something that for us is quite an achievement), which also brought in unparalleled international attention to his work and own self. It is here where his rise to fame began.

Que veux-tu

With 2011 came Madeon’s remix of Yelle’s Que Veux-Tu. Another fantastic and perfectly executed remix, the production took Madeon further into international fame, gaining the attention of many other artists and the whole EDM scene as well. Up to this point, Madeon had never played at an event, nor had he showed his face to the public: he was a mystery. This soon changed, as his new remix would propel him to a fame no other 16 year old producer had ever experienced.

Raise Your Weapon

One hell of a remix, this is our favorite production from Madeon. Deadmau5’s dubstep experiment was given a fresh breath of electro-pop in massive doses, and the result was one huge banger that caught the attention of every single soul in the EDM scene. Madeon’s name was made known to everyone. The all mighty Joel Zimmerman was so shocked at the production value of the track, and at the skills of the young Hugo Pierre, that the remix was included in the single EP of Raise Your Weapon. But his rise to fame did not stop here, Madeon set out to amaze the world once again.

Pop Culture

Madeon masterfully managed to mash up 39 of his favorite songs, including songs by Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Gorrilaz, Linkin Park, Nero, The Who and many more into a 3 minute long artistic masterpiece. All of it was done live, without ever having been practiced. The result was a song that caught the attention of everyone. Personally, this is my favorite song from Pierre, since only he has the ability to join 39 songs in a way in which they do not sound like noise, but rather a carefully orchestrated melodic adventure through pop culture.


Madeon’s latest original song, Icarus, is one hell of a song. Highly anticipated by his now immense fan-base, the track is an intense progression of his iconic electro-pop style. Highly melodic, the production is currently #5 in the UK Dance Chart and 22 in the UK Top 100 Chart. It even gained a spot on Pete Tong’s Radio 1, which gained the track even more fame. The single was released through his own label, Pop Cultur

Madeon has in such a short while become an icon of the EDM scene, a beacon of hope for those who thought the scene was drowning in a sea of re-used material. Hugo Pierre has masterfully carved his way into everyone’s mind, implanting his genius musical formula into our very souls. And with his new label, Popcultur, and his new remix of Martin Solveig’s The Night Out which will be released soon, we can’t but help wandering into the future and looking at where this kid will be next. Our prediction? Next to the likes of Daft Punk.


2 responses to “Sunday School #10: Madeon

  1. Very thorough article, well written! Slight Madeon worship though, Im sure Pop Culture was ‘practiced’ many times before perfected. Well written, you should update the article with his current songs! (Finale, as well as his upcoming song)

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