The Sonic Recreation of the End of the World

By: Foward Musiq
This month, as part of our new monthly playlist, we bring you the wonders of what this writer considers to be the most wonderful genre ever, Drum & Bass. Dive into a world of heavy basses, melodic synths and heart pounding beats.

The Sonic Recreation of the End of the World

“Ladies and Gentlemen!
We understand that you have come tonight to bare witness to the sound of drum… and… bass
We regret to announce that this is not the case as instead, we come tonight to bring you, the sonic recreation of the end of the world
ladies and gentlemen prepare… to hold… your… colour!”

Blood Sugar- Pendulum
Another Planet-Pendulum
Voyager- Pendulum
Axle Grinder- Pendulum
Slam- Pendulum
Fasten Your Seatbelt Ft. The Freestylers- Pendulum
Through The Loop- Pendulum
Sounds Of Life Ft. Jasmine Yee- Pendulum
Girl In The Fire- Pendulum
Tarantula- Pendulum Vs. Fresh Ft. Spyda & Tenor Fly
Hold Your Colour- Pendulum
The Terminal- Pendulum
Streamline- Pendulum
Propane Nightmares- Pendulum
Midnight Runner- Pendulum
The Other Side- Pendulum
9,000 Miles- Pendulum
The Tempest- Pendulum

Salt In The Wounds- Pendulum
Watercolour- Pendulum
Crush- Pendulum
Immunize Ft. Liam Howlett- Pendulum
The Vulture- Pendulum
Witchcraft- Pendulum
The Fountain Ft. Steven Wilson- Pendulum
Encoder- Pendulum
Spiral- Pendulum
Ulterior Motive- Pendulum
Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)- The Prodigy
Remember Me (Pendulum Remix)- Sunchase
Submarines (Pendulum Remix)- DJ Fresh
Propane Nightmares (Celldwelle)- Pendulum
Propane Nightmares( VIP MIX)- Pendulum
Moving Forward (Phetsta Remix)- Pendulum
Moving Forward- Pendulum
Toxic Shock- Pendulum
Minds Eye- Pendulum & Bulletproof
Parameter- Pendulum
Witchcraft (Netsky Remix)- Pendulum
Rwd The Revolution- Mistabishi
Prisoner Of Mother Earth- Mistabishi
Baclava- Nu:Tone
Shine In Ft. Natalie Williams- Nu:Tone
Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix)- Unicorn Kid
Heaven (Nu:Tone Remix)- Emeli Sandé
The Feeling Ft. Ben Westbeech- Nu:Tone
Set Me Free- Nu:Tone
Thing Called Love (Nu:Tone Remix)- Above & Beyond
Runaway (Nu:Tone and Logistics Remix)- Devlin

Kaleidoscope- Logistics
Together- Logistics
Thunder Child- Logistics
Twilight- Aphrodite
Criss Cross- Aphrodite
Return To Jedda (Original VIP Remix)- Aphrodite
Natural Disaster (Andy C Remix)-Laidback Luke vs Example
Finders Keepers- Andy C
Roll On- Andy C
Massive Beats- Andy C
Outer Limits- Andy C
Fresh-Twister- Andy C
Vault Ft. Pendulum- Andy C

Machine Gun- Noisia
Shellshock Ft. Foreign Beggars- Noisia
Regurgitate- Noisia
Exorcism- Noisia
Exodus Ft. KRS One- Noisia & Mayhem
Alpha Centauri- Noisia
Sunhammer Ft Amon Tobin- Noisia
Stigma- Noisia
Program- Noisia & Phace
Brain Bucket- Noisia & Ed Rush and Optical
Bacteria- Ed Rush & Optical
Gas Mask- Ed Rush & Optical
Compound- Ed Rush & Optical
Space Monkey- Ed Rush & Optical
City 17- Ed Rush & Optical
Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)- Sigma
Baltimore Ft. Jenna G- Sigma
Stronger- Sigma
All Blue- Sigma
Nexus- Sigma
Jah Bless- Sigma
Pieces Ft. Plan B- Chase & Status
Can’t Get Enough- Chase & Status
Take Me Away- Chase & Status
Is It Worth It- Chase & Status
No Problem- Chase & Status
Loader- Chase & Status
Believe- Chase & Status
Fool Yourself Ft. Plan B and Rage- Chase & Status
Hocus Pocus- Chase & Status
End Credits Ft. Plan B- Chase & Status
End Credits Ft. Plan B (VIP Mix)- Chase & Status
I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)- deadmau5

The First Note Is Silent Ft. Tiësto- High Contrast
The Agony And The Ecstasy Ft. Selah Corbin- High Contrast
Flashing Lights (High Contrast Remix)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- High Contrast
Return of Forever- High Contrast
Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)- Adele
One (Netsky Remix)- Swedish House Mafia
Memory Lane- Netsky
I Refuse- Netsky
Anticipate (Netsky Remix)- Skream
Starlight- Netsky
Secret Agent- Netsky
Moving With You Ft. Jenna G- Netsky
Mellow Ft. Terri Pace- Netsky
Rise & Shine- Netsky
King Of The Stars- Netsky
Electron- Nero
New Life- Nero
Choices- Nero
Act Like You Know- Nero
Do You Wanna- Nero
Sound In Motion- Nero
Can’t Take It Ft. Alana- Nero
Me & You (Dirtyphonics Remix)- Nero
French Fuck VIP- Dirtyphonics
Bonus Level- Dirtyphonics
Quarks- Dirtyphonics
Teleportation- Dirtyphonics
Glow- Dirtyphonics
Vandals- Dirtyphonics
Lottery- Dirtyphonics
Play for Real (Dirtyphonics Remix)- The Crystal Method
Let The Story Begin- Sub Focus
Follow the Light- Sub Focus
Rock It- Sub Focus
Vaporise-Sub Focus
Triple X- Sub Focus
Splash Ft. Coco- Sub Focus
Timewarp- Sub Focus
Out On The Blue Ft. Alice Gold- Sub Focus
Lost In Time Ft. Sarah Burgess- Goku
The Journey Ft. Veela- Feint
Paradise- Fred V
High Time- Hectix
Avalon- Maduk
2Nite- Rameses B
Memoir- Rameses B
Visionary- Rameses B
Letting Go Ft. Amelia- Rameses B
Life In Orbit- Breakshift
The Power- Druid
Alive (QBIG Remix)- Dirty South & Thomas Gold
Delight- Dimension
Under The Weather- Colossus
Sweet Impatience- Aze
You Are My Whole World- Indivision

Around The World- Indivision & Echo Inada
Motion Blur- Indivision
Coming Home Ft Skylar Grey (Mage & SkyWeep Remix)- Diddy & Dirty Money
Smudge- Stan SB
Cloud Head- Stan SB
Welcome Back- Stan SB
Tonight- Camo & Krooked
Let Go- Camo & Krooked
See Through You- Camo & Krooked
September ( Camo & Krooked Remix)- Future Prophecies
Terra- Camo & Krooked
Hot Pursuit- Camo & Krooked
Anubis- Camo & Krooked
Watch It Burn Ft. Ayah Marar- Camo & Krooked
Cross The Line Ft. Ayah Marar- Camo & Krooked
Beyond the Void- Blokhe4d
Kisses & Lies- Blokhe4d
Golden Child- Blokhe4d
Great Cities- Blokhe4d
Gutter Queen- Blokhe4d
Get Back- Blokhe4d & Dieselboy
This Time- Receptor
Adrenaline- Receptor
Crematorium- Receptor
Night Terror- Katharsys
Erges- Katharsys
Sword Of Vengeance- Katharsys
Infectious- Katharsys
Ultraviolet- Neonlight
The Frozen Tape- Neonlight
The Wave- Neonlight
Execution- Neonlight

Fears of People- LoHi Stereo

Memoirs ( LoHi Stereo Remix)- Rameses B

Betrayal- LoHi Stereo

Cornered- LoHi Stereo

Venus ( Ian Bazehead Remix)- Neonside

Dessert (Ian Bazehead Remix)- Neonlight & Miss Redflower

No Time To Love- DJ Marky & Bungle
Tudo- DJ Marky
Distant Love- DJ Marky
Carolina Carol Bela- DJ Marky
Nitrous- DJ Marky
Even If- Calibre
All You Want- Calibre
Open Your Eyes- Calibre
Out of The Box- Calibre
Nightlight- Calibre
All The Days- Calibre
No Reply- Calibre
Broken- Calibre
Can’t Get Over You- Calibre
Just Fine- Calibre
Mr Majestic-Calibre & High Contrast
Global Love ( Calibre Remix)- High Contrast
Garden (Calibre Remix)- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

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