Avicii – Silhouettes (Original Mix)

By: Forward Musiq
Avicii has this bad habit of playing songs for about a year before releasing them. Take for example Levels, which was premiered as a work in progress during his Essential Mix towards the end of 2010, and received its official release in November of 2011. We find it a tad humorous, since by the time he finally releases a song, we’ve listened to ripped version of it for so many times, that it has already lost its initial charm, and the only thing that keeps us listening to it is the fact that we finally have an official version of the song. Don’t get us wrong, we are in no way criticizing Avicii’s musical production abilities, but rather the way in which he deals with releasing his songs. That is the case with Silhouettes, a musical production in which Avicii joins forces with Salem Al Fakir to create an emotional, synth-driven progressive house gem. This track was played for the first time over a year ago, and has been appearing in Avicii and his Swede friends’ sets ever since. It hasn’t been officially released, and knowing Avicii, we have no idea when it will be. But fear not, since we managed to get our hands on a complete, full quality ripped version of it. That’s one unreleased Avicii track down, and about five more to go.


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