Sunday School #13: Netsky

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday School we present you the prodigy of Drum & Bass, Netsky.

In the short while this young Belgian has been in the scene, Boris Daenen has managed to revolutionize the whole Drum & Bass scene. Giving Liquid-Funk (a sub-genre of Drum & Bass that focuses more on melodic and mellow notes) a strong presence in the international light, Netsky has caught the eye of everyone who  is a fan of Drum & Bass. Nominated as 2011’s  Best Upcoming Artist at the prestigious Drum + Bass Arena Awards, he has been signed exclusively to the label Hospital.

But before we present Netsky’s album, we have to talk about the tracks that gave him a name in the Drum & Bass scene. King of the Stars was one of these tracks and gave him a name; a collaboration with Crystal Clear, the mellow Liquid -Funk styled song caught the eye of many high caliber artists which brought instant praise for the young producer. Another soul-filled track, and also one of his earliest and most recognized is Starlight. Again done in Liquid-Funk style, this track can be easily called one his best.

Netsky (Album)

Netsky’s debut self entitled album was what one would expect from the prodigious Belgian artist. Filled with hits such as Moving With you, Iron Heart, Secret Agent, Gravity and Storm Clouds, the album fused great production skills with emotional drum and bass. The album did fairly well in the polls and with critics, many hailing it as one of the best albums in the Drum & Bass scene.Netsky can also be attributed with a long and formidable list of excellent remixes to songs such as Pendulum’s Witchcraft, Skream’s Anticipate, Rusko’s Everyday and Swedish House Mafia’s One. But more recently and of more interest, Boris has decided to transform his act into a live show complete with real instruments and other members taking part of the live act. He has also finished up his second album, named “2” which is due to be released through Hospital on June 25.

Netsky is one of Drum & Bass’s jewels, an artist that I personally could have never seen the genre surviving without. His complex songs give life and soul to an already vivid and extraordinary genre. His sets are a wonder to behold, and even more so now that he has transformed them into a live act. The future is bright for this young star, and what awaits him cannot be short of spectacular.


King Of The Stars- Netsky
Starlight- Netsky
Prisma- Netsky
Come Back Home- Netsky
Midnight Express- Netsky
Daydreaming- Netsky
Moving With You feat. Jenna Go- Netsky
Iron Heart- Netsky
Secret Agent- Netsky
Mellow feat. Terri Place- Netsky
Storm Clouds- Netsky
Gravity- Netsky
Lost Without You- Netsky
Give & Take- Netsky
Come Alive- Netsky
Everyday (Netsky Remix)- Rusko
Anticipate feat. Sam Frank ( Netsky Remix)- Skream
One (Netsky Remix)- Sweish House Mafia
Witchcraft (Netsky Remix)- Pendulum


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