Infected Mushroom’s New Live Act

By: Forward Musiq
We dive in to explore Infected Mushroom’s new live act. And trust us, this is something you don’t want to miss. When it comes to Infected Mushroom, we’ve learned that there’s nothing they’re willing to try. The enigmatic Israelite duo has captivated the world before with their astounding Psy-Trance, and once again pushed the boundaries of music by creating a fusion of the genre with metal, and a hell of a live show to go with it. Recently they pushed the evelope even further, and began to experiment with Dubstep, Electro House and Drum & Bass, creating a new genre they like to call Psy-Step. Now the duo has taken all these years of experience and jammed then into one live act that will blow your mind away. Adding a Daft Punk-esque touch to the formula, the guys have created two giant sphere’s with a giant wall in the back where the magic of 3-D Mapping occurs. Such technology has already been exploited by EDM virtuoso, Amon Tobin and the prodigious Skrillex.

But more than a pretty lights show, the setup is an immersible experience that brings together all that is Infected Mushrooms. The 90 minute set takes you through realms of mushrooms, to the depths of the ocean and then beyond into cybernetic grinds. Duvdev often steps out of his sphere to perform some of the songs where he sings such as Becoming Insane, Artillery, Pink Nightmares and some of the new hits such as U R So Fucked, The Rat and Nevermind. It all comes to a fitting end with Cities of the Future; all through the show, fans never stopped jumping and screaming. Infected latest release was their newest album, Amry of Mushrooms, which as dominated the charts and taken down EDM titans such as Tiësto and David Guetta of the number one spot. If you want to catch their new live act, expect a North American tour in about two months. We know we can’t wait to see them live.


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