Sunday School #14: Calvin Harris

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday we present you one of EDM’s top players, Calvin Harris.

Born on January 17, 1984 in Dumfries Scotland, Adam Richard Wiles began to experiment with electronic music during his teenage years (around 1999), creating demos in his own bedroom. This affected him socially, so he has said in various interviews, and he soon became antisocial. But his earliest succes broke out in 2002 when he was 21, when the label Prima Facie decided to include his Da Bongos and Brighter Days tracks in a 12” club single as well as publishing them in CD format.

From 2006 to 2008 Adam adopted his stage name, Calvin Harris and began to become more reknown in the EDM scene. In 2006 he was discovered by Tommie Sunshine on Myspace and was soon signed unto his label, Xylophone Jones Recordings.  This led to other companies such as EMI and Sony BMG to sign him, all of which lead to Harris’s debut full lenght album, I Created Disco.

I Created Disco was launched on June 2007 through Sony BMG. The album’s genre was electroclash which was heavily influenced by music back in the 1980’s. So far the album has sold 100,000 copies world wide and reached the number 8 position in the UK Albums Chart. The album spawned successful singles such as Vegas, Acceptable in the 80’s, The Girls,  Merrymaking At My Place and Colours. The amount of success the album brought to Calvin, landed him a 2 hour set on Radio 1’s Essential Mix.

Around April 2008, Calvin Harris had stated that the only copy of his upcoming second album had been lost in his luggage during baggage handling at the opening of the London Heathrow Terminal 5. This of course was a trick played by Adam to gain more time to finish his album. Ready For The Weekend was released on August 2009, and peaked at the number one spot at the UK Albums Chart. Again the LP sold more than 100,000 copies and had singles like I’m Not Alone, Ready For The Weekend; both singles peaked at the charts when they were released. Calvin Harris since then has been touring non-stop, but at the same time has managed to work on his third album which is due to be released on July 23, 2012. The Album has already spawned singles such as the popular Feel So Close,  Awoonga, Bounce and Let’s Go.

Calvin Harris’s work in EDM is reknown withing the whole scene. Adored by many loyal fans, the king of Electro-Pop and Nu-Disco knows this and gives it back ten fold with each work he releases. His sound is unique, refreshing and fun to listen, something many artists aspire to achieve, more so in the relative short time he has been part of the scene. But so much more awaits the young Scottish producer, and what is come is a definitive maturity in his musical style, something we all await patiently but eagerly.


Merrymaking At My Place- Calvin Harris
Colours- Calvin Harris
The Girls- Calvin Harris
Acceptable in the 80’s- Calvin Harris
Vegas- Calvin Harris
Disco Heat- Calvin Harris
Ready for the Weekend- Calvin Harris
Stars Come Out- Calvin Harris
You Used to Hold Me- Calvin Harris
I’m Not Alone- Calvin Harris
Flashback- Calvin Harris
Feel So Close- Calvin Harris
Awooga- Calvin Harris
Let’s Go- Calvin Harris


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