Daft Punk’s Renoma Street

By: Forward Musiq
Daft Punk’s latest single, Renoma Street is announced to be released on July 21. Or so they say.

2012 has been plagued by rumor’s of the upcoming return of the gods of EDM, Daft Punk. And more than once the rumor’s have been confirmed, as the duo is actually working on their fourth album with various other producers. Not too far ago, rumors began that they would be releasing their album during summer, now it has been announced that the re-known french house duo has been working on their latest single for the album, Renoma Street, to be released on July 21 on the July issue of Tsugi Magazine. If all of this is true, we expect the EDM community to explode with joy on said date, but as we all know, and as I know by heart, we have to expect the unexpected from Daft Punk. That’s how they have done it so far all these years, I don’t see why they would change their game formula now. Either way, this assures us one thing for certain. Daft Punk are back, and they are working on music again. When will we hear their new stuff? We’ll have to wait for July 21st to find out.

Update: It has been confirmed that sadly, but as expected it was just a rumor. Pitcfork, has confirmed this, but have noted that there is indeed a production of  underway.


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