Sunday School #17: Figure

By: Forward Musiq
As part of our weekly Sunday article, and in preparation for 2012’s Daisy here in PR, we present to you, Figure.

Josh Gard, or more commonly known by his moniker: Figure, is one of the titans in the bass music scene. A hard hitting player that many have crowned as the king of Drumstep. Though Drumstep is his main genre, he also produces some nasty and grimy Dubstep. His productions are often themed right out of Horror films, called by him Horror-Step. Complicated and intricate bass-lines carve up his tracks, earning him quite the reputation in the EDM scene. To give a sample for our audience we will review a couple of his most known songs.

Lost In Space

A banging tune, Lost in Space features his well known vocal samples, that lead to a destructive drop. Quite the club smasher, Lost in Space is part of Figure’s The Destruction Series Vol. 1. Another banger and one of his best tracks is Must Destroy.

Must Destroy

A Drumstep treasure, an intense drop with a hard hitting and immensely fun lead. This has become the must hear track by Figure, for obvious reasons, and has done really well with critics.

Michael Myers Is Die

Another Horror themed Drumstep track, Micheal Myers Is Dead is quite the fun and bass-filled track, again with the movie voice sample included within the track, adding a fun yet appealing sound to the track.

Figure’s sounds have become one of the nastiest and most heavy in the bass scene, often used by known Dubstep and fellow Drumstep artists during their sets. Although he has been quite a while in the scene, his sounds are now gaining momentum and we expect so much more from his mind to be released in horror filled bass drops. Figure will also be making an appearance on this year’s EDC here in Puerto Rico, and on our opinion, he is one of the must-see artists performing during the event. Youc an download a fair amount of Figure’s music for free on his own Soundcloud page, just click the link.


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