Sunday School #18: Downlink

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday we present you one of the members from the Canadian Dubstep Trio, Downlink.

Part of the British Columbia Dubstep Trio ( Downlink, Excision and Datsik), Downlink began producing Dubstep in 2007, although he had deep roots already in Drum & Bass and Jungle. Yet a certain desire to push the boundaries of subsonic music lead him to incorporate bass influenced music, starting loyally to the original mellow and laid back Dubstep roots, to the more Heavy- Metal influenced side of Dubstep. After having initial success, he was soon signed into Rottun Records along with Excision and Datsik, where the trio formed an unholy alliance of grimy subsonic bass that would spawn multiple collaborations between the three. One such colaboration is Crowd Control, done with Excision.

Dirty yet funky, Crowd Control is the result of two veteran Dubstep artists collaborating to bring forth a memorable, and unique track. The metal influence in this song cannot be ever more present that it already is, coming complete with rifts and breakdowns, characteristics popular in Metal. Another song to illustrate this unique style the two have developed is Headbanga.

Quite the bass destroyer, Headbanga stands out from the rest by it’s guitar rifts that go all too well with the sonic blast that the drop gives us.

Downlink’s music stands out quite vividly from the rest of the Dubstep scene, maybe because of his strong devotion to continue evolving his sounds, or his love of pure heavy bass filled rifts. But one thing is clear, and it’s that the man knows how to do music, and more importantly how to deliver it to his fans, right in the face at his shows. Excision’s and Datsik’s bond with Downlink also remain’s a strong and important influence in his style, one that we hope continues to deliver righteously filthy tracks. Bellow you can hear to one of his popular mixes, or you can head over to his Souncloud page to sample his music. Remember Downlink will be presenting himself this year on EDC Puerto Rico.


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