Datsik’s Vortex

By: Forward Musiq

Datsik will debut the massive, impressive Vortex concept on the Firepower tour that starts on August 30th. Datsik claims “It’s really trippy. It looks like I’m floating in the middle of this concoction.” And that it “look seamless, really unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I basically wanted to make the trippiest possible thing I could, and this is the idea that came to mind.”

The Canadian Dj does admit that it is a challenging environment to play music in, as the optical illusions can put you off balance.  One really has to put focus of where you are and you’re doing inside the Vortex as Datsik claims it could be a hilarious and trippy health  hazard. Either way it’s a great spectacle to play in and watch in the audience.

The question remains, will this spectacle of light be featured in Puerto Rico’s Electric Daisy Carnival? Since the Carnival is booked right in the middle of the Firepower Tour and fellow tour member Delta Heavy will be present laying down the filth, who knows what lightshow we will witness in this year’s EDC Puerto Rico!


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