Sunday School #22: Jon Gooch (Spor, Feed Me)

By: Forward Musiq

On this Sunday’s edition of Sunday School we give you one of the hottest starts in house music today, John Gooch most commonly known by his two aliases Spor and Feed Me. Continue reading


Feed Me At Levels Santurce

By: Forward Musiq

Saturday September 29th marks the grand opening of Levels in the venue used to be known as Asylum. To mark this new chapter in the Puerto Rican EDM scene is none other than internationaly renouned electro house producer Feed Me! John Gooch’s unique style of dubstep, moombahton and electro house has devastated audiences across the globe. Best known for his very unique mascot and artwork, his live show is truly something to behold. Don’t miss when he tears a new hole in Puerto Rican ground @Levels Saturday, September 29th

Opening Acts

DJ Dano

The Alkmst & Kid Chaos

Main Event


This Event is Brought To You By: HA! MUSIK

Entrance Fee:

15$ with flyer

20$ General

New Music From Crystal Castles

By: Forward Musiq

It seems like it was just yesterday the Canadian masters of chiptune and experimental electronica had released their second album. After the creepier second release (II) Crystal Castles have already wrapped up their third release (III) and have given us a video for their first single of the new album, Plagues and a new song called Wrath of God. Eerie and masterful, Crystal Castles continue to push the boundaries of electronica, mixing their creepy song structures, barely comprehensible  singing with almost danceable techno/house beats and production. Crystal Castles continue to prove that just because they are the headliners of chiptune/experimental electronica it doesn’t mean they aren’t still the most dynamic act in the genre.

‘Out Of The Black’ Teaser Stream

By: Forward Musiq

Arguably the most anticipated full length release in the EDM universe right now is Boys Noize’s  “Out Of The Black”. MTV has so graciously given us a taste of every single track on the album. Its hard, it’s techno, its house and most importantly, it’s HARD. 

You can hear the teaser on MTV Exclusives here

Nero – Wont You (Be There) FREE DOWNLOAD

By: Forward Musiq

On June a mysterious clip track ripped from a live set called “I.D.” surfaced on the web. Rumors quickly rose that it was work of a Skrillex and Nero collaboration. The mystery was solved once the full version of this song was uploaded unto soundcloud under the name of  “Won’t You (Be There)”, putting to rest who actually worked on this track, Nero and singer Alana Watson. This song will be on the re-release of Nero’s album Welcome Reality along with “Etude” and Skrillex’s remix of “Promises. But you can get it here first and download the track from free down here below on the Nero’s soundcloud player.

Swedish House Mafia Reveal Dates of their “One Last Tour”

By: Forward Musiq

Mysterious tree dots have been appearing all over the globe. From India to New York EDM lovers have recognized these three dots as the logo of Europe’s most famous house trio. Swedish House Mafia are embarking on their biggest, most spectacular tour ever, which is fitting considering they will not be touring together in the foreseeable future (let’s cross our fingers for a comeback any time in the future). SHM will be stopping on familiar territory like New York and Los Angeles, but also hitting exotic locations in  South America and Russia for the first time.

Tour Dates:  Continue reading