Sunday School # 19: Manufactured Superstars

By: Forward Music

As the first part of this week two part Sunday School we present to you the DJ duo Manufactured Superstars.

Manufactured Superstars are an electro, house and progressive duo from Denver, Colorado. Their names are Brad roulier and Shawn Sabo and both of them are the original members of the super EDM download site Originally known as Digitally Manufactured Superstars. This super group of house have played in the most reputable electronic venues such as Crobar Chicago, Mansion and Suite in Miami, Avalon and Playhouse, XS Club in Las Vegas, Lavo, Greenhouse and Pacha, Voyeur and many others. They have also played in all the mayor EDM festivals in the US, Puerto Rico and around the world.

This duos aim is to make easy to listen to, accessible and commercial party music which is no means a bad thing. Many of the music they play live are 80’s and 90’s commercial songs everyone can dance to. Also most of their live sets include their remixes and bootlegs.

Known as one of the faces of EDC, they have been featured in a documentary about EDC released in August 2011. Their live show is known for being full of theatrics such as an M.C. dressed in a teddy bear suit and the two DJs wearing Nasa space suits

You can catch these historic and influential superstars of dance music in EDC Puerto Rico 2012 on September 15th.


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