Sunday School # 20: Datsik

By: Forward Musiq

On this week’s edition of Sunday School we highlight one of the biggest Dubstep producers in the scene, Datsik.

Troy Beetles, A.K.A. Datsik, was born in British Colombia where he started producing after seeing Excision play at the Shambhala electronic music festival. Soon after the two would begin collaborating as music producers and have some legendary number-one releases on Beatport, including the colab track with Excision “Swagga” and remixes of popular songs by The Crystal Method and Wu-Tang Clan.

Heavily influenced by hip hop and rap, this Canadian producer has included rap in most of his solo productions including his biggest hit, Firepower. He has deviated from the heavy path and has dabbled in Drum and Bass and Moombahton.

Datsik’s first album, Vitamin D dropped on April 10th, 2012 on Steve Aoki’s record label, Dim Mak records. This album features collaborations from some of the hottest names in EDM including Infected Mushroom, Downlink, Z-Trip, Jonathan Davis, Messinian and Snak the Ripper. Also Datsik has released music under Rottun Recordings; Ex7; Smog Recordings; and has his own record company called Firepower Records.

Datsik has not had a smooth climb to the top. He has been heavily criticized for producing stripped down, un dubbed “brostep”. But heavy genre criticism seems to not deter him from his mission to bring his heavily produced, heavy, filthy bran of dubstep to masses all around the world and I will leave you a few extra tracks just in case you haven’t made your mind up about him yet. Currently on his Firepower Records tour, Datsik will take the detour to Puerto Rico to play in this year’s edition of Electric Daisy Carnival Puerto Rico.


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