On The Fringe Thursdays #2: xKore

By: Forward Musiq

On our second edition of ‘On The Fringe’ Thursdays, where we give you the hottest up and coming underground DJ’s/producers from across the globe we give you UK’s own xKore with a bunch of free downloads.

xKore (Matt Cavender) has been making a splash lately in North America, as the act to see in Datsik’s Firepower tour. With his very distinctive style, Matt Cadaver is not married to any one genre of bass music and from early in his career he has made it clear he is not your prototypical brostep DJ. Ranging from dubstep of course to electro, drumstep and what he is most noted for his brand of funky danceable moombahton/glitch hop. He is the voice leading the charge of the new moombahton craze rivaling trap to become the new EDM bass sensation in North America. This young producer also has a killer work ethic with already 4 eps under his belt Lazershark, Full Russian, The Domination & Stabs a BUNCH of remixes of stellar tracks like Broken Angels, Freefall & Falling Down. With Datsik and his Firepower records on his side, this young producer has a bright future ahead of him.

Now lets talk about his most recent release, the Stabs EP. It is in a word, unrelenting, xKore is not afraid to take the next step in the evolution of heavy EDM bass music. “Stabs” and “Boom” are heavy, next level heavy. With crushing thumping bass drum at the foreground driving those tracks forward and in your face. “Empty Spaces” is standard xKore moombahton fare, which is not standard at all. With this tracks urgency and electro back drop, it is his signature track right now. Of course there is “Everybody Rock” which is a healthy mixture of glitch hop experimentation and moombahton funk. If you are a fan of danceable bass and moombahton, this is your ep of the year, no questions asked.

xKore links:





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