Sunday School #22: Jon Gooch (Spor, Feed Me)

By: Forward Musiq

On this Sunday’s edition of Sunday School we give you one of the hottest starts in house music today, John Gooch most commonly known by his two aliases Spor and Feed Me.

John Gooch has been terrorizing the world with his unique brand of drum and bass with his artist name Spor since 2004. A name he got from the first set of samples he collected entitled “Spore Tactics”.  e soon got the attention of Renagade Hardware’s Chris Renegade and released most of his music through this label as Spore, Unicron and Final Reckoning when teaming up with Codex. After a long successful relationship with Chris Renegade, John Gooch decided to team up with him and create Lifted Music.

John Gooche’s  big break came from his second ep called Conquerors and Commoners. This ep got a lot of attention in the drum and bass scene and lifted him up to play in venues all around the world. His most latest release under Spor is the Pacifica ep.

The most famous of his projects is Feed Me. This is John Gooche’s foray into house, and bass music, ranging from progressive house, electro house, dubstep, grimestep and moombahton. The first Feed Me ep called The Spell/Raw Chicken was released under Deadmau5’s label, mau5trap and his second more complete release on 2010 was Feed Me’s Big Adventure which propelled Feed Me to a new level and helped shape how we view dubstep today. His other eps released in mau5trap include To The Stars & Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain. In conclusion, John Gooch is one of the primary shapers and voices in the current house and dubstep scene, and helps attract a wide audience outside of the EDM fans with his elaborate Feed Me character, graphic design of his monster characters and spectacular visual and musical live set.


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