Zedd – “Clarity” Album Review

By: Forward Musiq

Clarity is a break through of house music. This is Zedd’s most experimental outing yet, exploring new ground and pushing the boundaries of what house is. There are tinges of everything to explore in the genre. There are happy electro big room hits like Hourglass and Shave it up which could be seen right at home at a Tiesto live mix. Zedd also gives us some more progressive, commercial tracks that are sure to become radio hits like the super melodic Fall Into The Sky that was co produced with Lucky date and  features Ellie Gouldwing and Lost at Sea.

There are so many effects and brightness in this album, it’s almost a shame it had an October release because it would of been the perfect summer album. Then there is Stache, his most dynamic track in the album. In this song his creativity as a producer really shines through. He clearly has the boldness to step out of the house comfort zones and produce a pure jam track. Clarity is the album that is going to define house success from now on. The David Guetta’s of the world should take warning, this is the route that commercially successful house is going to take. Let me tell you folks, this album is so good dynamic, inventive and creative it gives you the impression Zedd read up on Daft Punk rather than Aoki on how to become successful making party music. In short this album is crunchy, yet simple. Keeping house simple and mostly fun. 4 and a half stars out of 5.


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