Boys Noize “Out Of The Black” Album Review


By: Forward Musiq

Being hailed as The Beatles of EDM, Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) has been sparking up popularity all of last year and this year with anticipation of his third and career defining 3rd album, “Out Of The Black”.  This album can be very easily defined as a perfect mix of techno and house. This is most apparent in the tracks “What You Want” and “XTC”. Minimalistic in nature, these tracks bring big techno beats and house effects, with Boys’ signature rough edge. “Missle” and “Touch It” bring a more experimental, less dance flavor into it and brings in an atmospheric, robotic flavors. The atmospheric flavor of this album really shines through in the ninth track “Reality” that hits you with the signature Boys edge.

If there was ever a dance album you ever really wanted to jam to like a rock record this is the one. By formula, this is the perfect example of tech house, but there is more. The voice effects, the drops and the sounds in this album scream rock. Pretty consistent until you get into the , “Got It” featuring Snoop Dogg and” Circus Full Of Clowns” featuring Gizzle. These tracks bring the filth and are straight up hip hop. Not electro and not trap. These two tracks are sure to be a main stay in most dubstep DJ’s live mixes for the remainder of 2012 and 2013. The same way Zedd has revolutionized house this week with how bright and inventive it can be, Boys Noize has pushed the boundaries of the dirty rock sound within the confines of EDM. “Out Of The Black” gets a 4 out of 5.


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