Sunday School #23: Destructo

By: Forward Musiq
On this edition of Sunday School, we present you with Destructo, the creator of the Hard festivals.

Destructo, the alias of Gary Richards, the creator of quite possibly one of the most important festivals in North America, Hard Festivals. But behind all the big scale productions, lies a very well known and recognized artist, more importantly, one the most important figures in EDM in North American, if not the most. He is commonly known as the rave king of the 90’s, mainly attributed for his residency at Los Angele’s night club, Control. But first let’s talk about his music.

Destructo’s music can be categorized on Techno to Techno House, with heavy influences of Deep House as well. It’s very hard, minimal, yet powerful music. Characteristic of his prime time, this is the music that ruled over the 90’s rave scene in the US, and now a days, Destructo delivers it again with all the force and popularity it used to receive back then.

Yet the man did not stop at just simply DJ’ing and producing, he took another step up ahead and went on to produce one of the biggest and most important festivals in North America, HARD.


Originating back in 2007, Hard Festival was a success right from the start, amassing the most re-known talents in all EDM with cutting edge productions. The popularity of the event grew to such lengths  that it extended unto more cities and different versions of Hard, each with it’s own unique setting and atmosphere. it is very common to find Destructo playing in these events, as well as Boyz Noize, with whom Gary is very good friends.


All in all, Destructo can be considered the pioneer of EDM of the west coast of North America, progressing his talents through the years, and creating a legacy of HARD festivals. His work towards the growth of EDM is undeniable, and it continues to grow each year, not only event wise, but his recent productions have awakened the popularity of Techno House and Deep House once more. And who knows that’s in store for Gary, but we can rest assure it will be anything but short of amazing in innovative.


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