Daft Punk- Saint Laurent Fashion Show Soundtrack

By: Forward Musiq
No, this is not a prank, we review Daft Punk’s latest production, the soundtrack of the Saint Laurent Fashion Show.

It’s been a long wait, but we finally have new material on our hands from the legendary robotic duo, Daft Punk. The French duo has done an edit for the Saint Laurent Fashion Show, containing the music of blues artist Junior Kimbrough. Guys, it’s sexy, chill, immersible, and guitars and vocals that will haunt your soul. Very far from Daft Punk’s usual playing-grounds. The duo got involved in the project when  designer Hedi Slimane asked Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter to put together a playlist of songs by the late blues artist Junior Kimbrough. The New York Times reported that each seat had the following information, confirming Daft Punk’s participation: “Saint Laurent,Paris,Collection I, Premier Octobre 2012 20H, Music Junior Kimbrough, Edited by Daft Punk, A Pierre”. You can find the whole show up on the Saint Laurent Website as well as the soundtrack edited by Daft Punk. Bellow you can also  find a clip of the soundtrack that features Kimbrough’s “I Gotta Try You Girl,”.


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