On The Fringe Thursdays #4: Krewella

By: Forward Musiq

On this edition of On The Fringe Thursdays we will showcase the hottest rising new act in dubstep, Krewella.

Krewella is an electro/dubstep trio formed in 2007. This trio made up of Jahan Yousaf, Rain Man and Yasmine Yousaf have been in the game for a few years but got their big breakthrough with the release of Play Hard which debuted #1 on Beatport! This was the biggest shock the site and the EDM community has gone through in a long time.

The best way to explain Krewella’s sound is a mix of some healthy Feed Me house melodies, sensual attitude and singing, with the nasty brostep drop we are accustom to seeing in the new rave scene. While sometimes getting into a more poppy sound, Krewella never forget who they are and the world they live in. Their music is everything the new rave scene is expecting from emerging new artists. From heavy experimentation with brostep and moombahton to progressive house and electro backdrops and tradition. This trio has achieved massive success considering the small amount of time they have been relevant, but they have a lot of potential to appeal to a wide audience while still sticking to the EDM mentality. They have massive tour plans for the rest of 2012 and 2013 including a stop at Coor’s Light’s Circotic in Puerto Rico. Be sure to catch them live on October 27th!


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