Dada Life – The Rules of Dada (Review)

By: Forward Musiq

To get too analytical in a Dada Life review is to do this Swedish duo injustice. Olle and Stefan are not in it to be taken serious as musician, but rather to have the most fun producing, and playing music live. And that is totally the vibe “The Rules of Dada” gives you. Mind you that this doesn’t mean that Dada Life are not legit, they are, it’s just that if you are looking for the craftsmanship of Swedish House Mafia or Zedd, you won’t find it here…

This is a collection of fist pumping, hard dancing, party music. Dada Life really knows what the modern electro house fan wants out of the genre and hits you in the jugular with it. Songs like “Feed the Dada” and “So Young, So High” bring you the soaring, big room feel mixed in with the crunchy drops you come to expect from Dada Life. “You Will Do What We Do”, a very melodic track and the gem of the album “Don’t Stop”, minimal and deep beats, are as deep and thoughtful as Dada Life can get with their music. “Happy Violence” and “Boing Clash Boom” bring the pop and female vocals to the focal point; these tracks are definitely not for anyone, since the vocals can be a little too high pitched for house music and appeals more to tween sensibilities.

“The Rules of Dada” is the type of album you listen with the buds on the way to a party, since most of the songs have very similar effects and instrumentation but are huge and bring the party attitude. But there isn’t enough variety and originality for a thoughtful listen. It’s the perfect example of party music.


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