Sunday School #24: Sub Focus

By: Forward Musiq

On this edition of Sunday School we chronicle London’s Drum and Bass hype machine, Sub Focus.

Nick Douwma (Sub Focus) is a Drum And Bass DJ and producer from London, England that started his carrier from a demo cd of his given to the biggest name in Drum And Bass, Andy C. From there he got signed to Andy C’s record label, Ram Records in 2004. Sub focus’ first release  was Down The Drain, that came out on Frequency and Infrared in 2003.

Then in 2004, when he signed to Ram Records, he released “Strobe” on the Ram Raiders 6 EP. This track quickly became a legendary Drum and Bass track.

In the spring of 2005 he released “XRay” which quickly soared to the top of the Drum and Bass world and can only be described as “Zombie Nation remade by Seattle grungers”. In 2005 he releases another single called “Frozen Solid”, building up a huge fanbase and name on the internet, he starts touring around the world for another year putting out tracks like “Airplane” that impressed a lot of people with its huge vocals and synths and  remixes like Dr Octagon’s “Aliens”. Then came sub focus’ most revered track yet “Special Place”, released in 2007 and was called “Modern Art” by DJ Mag.

After all this success touring and releasing highly acclaimed singles, Sub Focus finally breaks through in 2007, touring all over the world and working on his first full length album, with its single “Timewarp”. This track was his breakthrough hit that finally got himself not only on the top tier of the EDM scene but a commercial hit in Europe.

In 2009 he cracks through to the commercial side of EDM with “Rock It/Follow the Light” that got him on the number one spot for the third time in the UK Dance Chart. Later this year Sub Focus finally releases his first full length album, with some of his old original hits and some new brand new tracks. Even though this IS a Drum and Bass album, it show a lot of elements of well…everything from dubstep to trance. Also as a producer he has really shown his prowess, producing Example’s “Kickstarts” which was his most successful release to date, peaking at #3 on the UK Singles list.

After touring non stop for years, Sub Focus finally graces us with his latest two singles “Out Of The Blue” and “Tidal Wave” , two huge female vocal tracks and teases us with a new full length album, slated for a 2013 release. But his latest  piece of news is his addition to the Circotic roster, which marks his second visit to the island of Puerto Rico in two years and is ready to bring the bass to our Halloween party!


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