Sunday School #26: Swedish House Mafia

By: Forward Musiq
On this edition of Sunday School we bring you the most famous trio of progressive house music, Swedish House Mafia.

Few EDM acts today leave a unique memory on one, like Swedish House Mafia. The Super-group is one of the most essential Progressive House acts there is, their sound is unique and huge, and it seems that the only thing they know how to do is produce one successful single after another. Although they are polemically called commercial progressive house, one cannot help but accept the quality of their production. Swedish House Mafia is  made up of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, and even though Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso have known each other since childhood, it was much later that Axwell got together in the group. They officially started producing under Swedish House Mafia back in 2008, but had already some tracks together.

Axwell, Angello and Ingrosso’s first production together was “Get Dumb” with the assistance of Laidback Luke in 2007.  But their real hit was with Leave The World Behind also produced with Laidback Luke and later on with Deborah Cox. The the track has a 39 on the Swedish Charts and a 40 on the US Dance chart. After Leave The World Behind, The trio started going by the name, Swedish House Mafia.

This is the Swedish House Mafia song, One. It’s iconic rhythm is known to every EDM fan in the world, and has stood as an anthem of electronic music for quite the while now. A chart breaker, when it came out in 2010 it topped 1 on the Netherlands chart, 2 on the Belgium, Poland and UK Dance charts, and 3 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

It didn’t stop at One, their next single, Miami 2 Ibiza also dominated the EDM scene upon it’s release. Featuring rapper Tinie Tempah, the single got the number one position in the UK Dance Chart and in the US Hot Dance Club Songs Chart. And so far the video on Youtube has received over 45 million hits. These two singles lead up to the release of Swedish House Mafia’s first album, Until One.

Their first full length album “Until One” is a collection of their group production, as well as individual productions, along with productions of other artists. Until One received mixed reviews, rated average by most critics. this is due mainly because the album doesn’t really contain much original content, and it is more of a compilation album.

Their next single came in 2011, with Save The World. The highly melodic Progressive House track, featured vocals by John Martin. The single took by storm the EDM scene, and was the official tune of 2011’s summer. It obtained the number 1 spot on US Hot Dance Club Songs, and on November 30, 2011, the song received a Nomination in 54th Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording.

After Knife Party remixes Save The World, and took the EDM scene by storm and awe, Swedish House Mafia soon contacted them and the members agreed to collaborate on a track together. Antidote was born. More in an Electro House Style, Antidote still retains that Swedish House Mafia formula. The track topped at #2 on the UK dance chart and #4 on the UK Singles chart.

Arguably the most experimental track Swedish House Mafia has done, Greyhound steps into the realm of Electro House and Glitch-Hop. Although it has that Progressive House feel throughout the song. it was produced for an Absolut Vodka commercial. It topped at number 3 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs and number 5 at the UK Dance chart.

Single after single, hit after hit, Swedish House Mafia has established themselves in the EDM scene with an impressive agility and ease. Sadly for the moment, the trio decided to part ways and each do his own thing. To commemorate one last gift for their fans, they produced one last song to be included in their last album. Don’t You Worry Child, featuring vocals by John Martin, can easily be described as Swedish House Mafia’s most significant production, and quite possibly their best. All the years of touring, producing and making people happy, packed into one song, and delivered perfectly. currently it tops at number 1 on 5 different charts (Scottland Charts, Sweden Chart, UK Singles, UK Dance, and the ever present US Hot Dance Club Songs chart), and high numbers on the rest of the charts around the globe. Swedish House Mafia also launched a final global tour to give a farewell party to their fans across the world. And Finally, their last album until the Hiatus, entitled Until now, which is a compilation of 22 House tracks including their last 4 singles.

Although their departure is sad news for the EDM community, the overall contribution that Swedish House Mafia has left for us is greatly significant. Quality track after quality track, the super-group performed their best all these years, and rose to fame with great ease and agility, only to call it quits when they knew they where at their best, and had the world on their hands. Their message plagued tracks will haunt every fan of the group for years to come, and they shall remain anthems of EDM. And maybe someday, they might just come back and do it all over again.

*Article done in collaboration by Etienne Melnik and Steven Sentmanat.


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