On The Fringe Wednesdays #5: Bert On Beats

By: Forward Musiq

On this edition of On The Fringe Wednesdays we bring you Estonian darling Bert On Beats.

Bert Prikenfeld, also known as his moniquer Bert On Beats and DJ Critikal is a unique act from Estonia signed to Berlin’s Man Recordings. Bert On Beats is best know for mixing the eastern European rawness , UK bass music, creppyness with  drum & bass and dubstep. Bert Prinkenfeld has bee a renownd DJ in Estonia since the late 1990. His first album was released in 1999 and it was a drum and bass hit in Estonia.

In the late 2000’s Bert Prikenfeld broke out as Bert On Beats and started producing jump up drum and bass infused with Kuduro, Baie Funk and Soca. From this moment on Bert On Beats broke out internationally in Europe and got signed to Man Recordings releasing two EPs/singles called „Suomo“ and „Alemão“. Bert On Beats most resent released the Modern Vampires EP. With its spooky atmospheric tropical and vaguely drum and bass beats, this is his most abstract and beautiful release yet and fits its Halloween release well. Also this his first release on New York’s Trouble & Bass. It’s brooding and definitely Eastern European.


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