On The Fringe Wednesday #6: Letting Up Despite Great Faults

By: Forward Musiq

This week on “On The Fringe Wednesday” we showcase rising indiepop band Letting Up Despite Great Faults.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults are an electronic music band from Los Angeles best known for playing a fusion of electro, indie pop and shoegaze. They have been bringing their brand of indie electro to ears in the American west and Southwest since 2006 and even though they have not reached the critical acclaim their shoegaze contemporaries, like M83, have been getting they have been able to reach a national audience and even reach overseas, especially in Japan. This band is headed by Mike Lee who produces and writes all the music in the band. Kent Zembrana plays bass and keyboards, Anna Fisette plays keyboards and sings, and Daniel Schmidt plays the drums.

Their latest release called Untogether, which is a completely minimal take on what indie pop can be. With very simple yet passionate guitar riffs and sweet as hell keyboards, this is definitely an album for the brokenhearted. Don’t get me wrong, they still bring the funk with catchy as hell and funky drum work. This album is recommended for anyone who is trying to get into shoegaze but do not know how to approach the genre. Not quite electro, not quite pop and not quite shoegaze.


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