Above & Beyond Group Therapy

By: Forward Musiq
The Trance Doctors are in just in time to gives us all a new medicine, along with some new treats.

Re-known Trance act, Above & Beyond have just finished their last episode of Trance Around The World, topping of at their 450th episode. And one would say this is a sad thing, but no fear, the trio have announced that they will be embarking in a new radio show called, Group Therapy. Nothing explains what Group Therapy is, other than one of their live shows, but to put it in words, Jono, Tony & Paavo released a message to their fans explaining the matter:

“Group Therapy captures the relationship between us, our music and you, our audience, and the magic that happens when those three things interact. It’s something you’ve all taken into your hearts and it lies at the center of everything that we do – the community, the connection, the interaction. Our radio show is our weekly Group Therapy with all of you.”

Also, during their last broadcast of Trance Around The World, along with the news of the new radio show, the trio announced a new track, which as of yet remains nameless, but it caught out attention for its fairly unique intro, regarding the trio’s style of music. It starts Electro-House, and right away it catches your attention  but, being the lords of Trance they are, the song progressively fades into their known and loved melodic style. You can hear the song bellow.

As a final goodie, we also present to you Above & Beyond’s remix of Kaskade’s Room For Happiness  A more “housy” track, it still has those Trance synths, and that quick paced BPM to give it that mood that Above & beyond know how to set. You can hear the track bellow.


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