Deadmau5- At Play Vol. 4

By: Forward Musiq

After just releasing >Album Title Goes Here<, Joel Zimmerman, has also released the fourth installation in his At Play compilation albums. A mix of experimental and groovy songs, many of which would not necessarily fall under the dance music category, make up the compilation album. Although the album isn’t officially out for sale digitally as of yet, you can buy it at Juno. Bellow is the track-list of the album.

1. Billy Newton-Davis Vs deadmau5 – I Like Your Music

2. deadmau5 – 1891

3. deadmau5 – GH

4. deadmau5 – Tau V1

5. deadmau5 – Point Vanishes

6. deadmau5 – Tepid

7. deadmau5 – Fustercluck

8. deadmau5 – Sex, Lies, Audiotape (Redux Mix)

9. deadmau5 – Subvert

10. Melleefresh Vs deadmau5 – Something Inside Me (Electro Mix)


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