Example – The Evolution Of Man (Review)

By: Forward Musiq


Can EDM artists really tell a story through an album or set piece of productions? Example sets out to make this album with this mission, creating a unique, yet predictable collection of songs that tries to be deep and meaningful but ends up trying to hard.

“Evolution” sounds like a hangover, full of regrets and hopeful ambition. Come taste the rainbow proudly claims this in it’s raps. This track is the perfect example of what this album is all about, a sonic ADD that goes past EDM  mixing pop, rock and rap. Example sets out to show his producing prowess in all types of music.
There are also some nods to the rave scene with trance licks and electro build ups. That is the tragic flaw in this album though. It doesn’t really have an identity or a moment where it really comes together in any of the tracks. It’s admirable how Example tries to transcend but instead of being a smooth experience, Evolution sounds chopped up and separated. Although there are highlights in this album like the title track “The Evolution Of Man” that sounds like a melancholic 80’s ballad trip into the deep issues plaguing the UK producer.

All in all this album is an electronic omage to traditional dance, hip hop and rock, covering all of the bases in pop music and even though non of the songs actually gets to home, “The Evolution Of Man” is sure to become a huge success with European commercial audiences, leaving EDM heads with a bitter sweet taste in their mouths.


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