Sunday School #28: Blackmill

By: Forward Musiq
This Sunday School we bring you into the mystical domain of Chill-Step, and present it’s ruler, Blackmill.

Chill-Step, in few words can be described as Dubstep with a heavy dose of magic, pure, mellow, magic. This highly overlooked sub-genre has given rise to many artists, but few stand up to the might of Blackmill. Born in Scotland, Robert Card age 20, has been producing since the impressive age of 8, starting of with an Acoustic Guitar he still plays to this very day. Finding inspiration in other musicians such as Bob Marley, Mt. Eden and Bar 9, card soon sough out to express his musicality in other ways, adopting soon the genre of Trance at the age of 15 under the moniker Robert J.C.  He soon sought after Dubstep in 2010, after it started becoming more popular. but his take since the start was a very unique one, with heavy influences from Mt. Eden he soon started to produce Chill-Step. An early track of his, A Reach for Glory, exemplifies this quite well.

This very track was featured in the Album A Reach for Glory, his only one up to date, released on February 28th 2011. Compromised of 11 tracks in total, the album was received with high expectations within the Dubstep community and performed as expected, with high ratings. All of the tracks are Chill-Step, with little to none deviation from the sub-genre.

Blackmill has also received numerous praises for his remix of Ellie Goulding’s track, Your Song. A fantastic, melodic track, highly well done, it can easily be the track to listen to introduce the young Scottish producer into your musical library. This track launched Blackmill into the eye of mainstream EDM, attracting quite the crowd to himself and Chill-Step, without deviating from his formula. And that’s something to respect.

Another track that favored his popularity was his remix of Chase & Status’s Time featuring Delilah. Again, done in his usual Chill-Step, with that slight touch of Chase & Status wonder some fans might be able to appreciate.

Finally what we think is Blackmill’s finest song to date, Miracle takes us in a melodic slightly symphonic journey through what Dubstep is founded upon: Soul. A finer track could not exist to represent the genre in it’s entirety, it’s slow, mellow, powerful and riddled with heavy bass, yet sophisticated enough to gain even the most eccentric ears of critics.


It’s artists such as Blackmill that push the envelope of their musical abilities that are the life and blood of EDM, the real innovators and mavericks, though many lack the popularity, nay the attention they deserve. to take what today is a heavy and intense genre, filled with bass heavy and filth maniacs, and elevate into such beautiful music is no easy task, but to be re-known for it is an achievement itself. Blackmill has transcended all expectations and has earned a place in our hearts permanently  as well as in our music library. We eagerly await to see what else the Scottish producer brings to the game, and we know it’s nothing short of amazing what’s to come.


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