On The Fringe Wednesday #8: Mystery Skulls

By: Forward Musiq

This week on “On The Fringe” we present to you the amazing powerpop electrofunky goodness of Mystery Skulls!!!!

Mystery Skulls is an exiting new project from Luis Dubuc that takes the catchy rhythms of Electro pop and merges it with good old school funk creating this kind of new wave electro boogie that sounds like if Daft Punk somehow decided to make shoegaze. For all of you non music nerds, this basically means Mystery Skulls is awesome for anyone and everyone who likes to dance and wear 80’s sunglasses in nightclubs at 4 in the morning. Mystery Skulls is just the funnest homage to He-Man you will ever listen to!

The easiest way to track this band’s activity is through their tumblr (mysteryskulls.tumblr.com) where Luis is constantly updating it with their demos and raw stuff. They also have an EP fittingly called “The EP” on their bandcamp (mysteryskulls.bandcamp.com)that is “pay what you want” so head there and contribute to the funk.

Also enjoy this fan made music video of their track “Money”. Great message about not letting money overwhelm you and funky Phoenix Wright?? AND more surprises!


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