On the Fringe Wednesday #9: DyE


By: Forward Musiq
This week on, On The Fringe, we present you one of France’s revolutionary forces behind it’s underground scene, DyE. 

Hailing from Paris, France, Juan de Guillebon aka DyE offers us a very experimental take on the EDM scene in France, in particular the underground. Signed on Joakim’s Tigersushi label, DyE is only now getting some recognition for his work, most of you probably recognizing him, for the video of his single, Fantasy which at the moment holds up a mighty 30 million views on Youtube. His style, is awfully hard to describe, mostly because it doesn’t frequent on one style only, but a mix of various sounds. What can be said about it, is that it’s extremely experimental, almost Raw to a point, yet it holds it’s ground as Electronic Dance Music. Even the man himself has been quoted stating in regards to his earliest of tracks, Imperator, was: “a total mystery to me..”, having stated he found more inspiration on other forms of art such as blogging than making music. He soon found his own grounds for making music through the singles Cristal D’acier and Nike. Through a series of more experimental tracks, DyE slowly yet surely paved the way for his debut album  released in 2011, Taki 183.

Taki 183, can be described, musically, as a collection of tracks that tell us a story of their creator, a time or feeling, impregnated in beats and melodies. It doesn’t hold much of a pattern, save for a few songs, yet it has that certain mysterious allure. Quoting Guillebon in regards to the feel and the purpose of the album:” [It’s] to create my sci-fi universe: each track is the colour of a mood, made of a time, experience and loss.” This is not the traditional EDM album one is used to, this is mature music, destined to be analyzed  felt and understood at a deep level. Not to say it doesn’t lack that EDM feel, on the contrary, for it’s main track contains all those feels, and even more.


Fantasy is a unique track on it’s own, paired with the video, well then you have something entirely new on your hands. A fairly melodic track, paired with haunting vocals, the video tells the story of a group of teenagers that sneak into a pool for debauchery, and soon are met with an unlikely and fairly twisted series of events. A word of advise, don’t gaze upon the elder gods. Another song in the album, Hole in Ocean carries the same feel of Fantasy, even having the same soulful vocals. Bellow you can find the infamous music video for Fantasy, and you can hear his other tracks on his Souncloud.


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