Calle 13 @ Isla Grande Pier


On Saturday, December 12th Calle 13 will come back to island in his first concert in over a year at the festival grounds behind the Convention Center in Isla Grande Pier SJ, PR. Calle 13 will be in full ammunition mode with René “Residente” Pérez Joglar, Eduardo “Visitante” José Cabra Martínez, Ileana “PG-13” and the full band playing hit songs from “Entren Los Que Quieran” and earlier releases. This event will come after a seemingly endless tour through Latin America and a huge concert in Mexico. Many surprises are yet to be revealed for this massive concert honoring our culture as Latin Americans and Puerto Ricans. To learn more about Calle 13 and the band’s musical career check out our Sunday School HERE on this groundbreaking act. And if you miss the concert, HERE is the link to watch it live for only one buck.


Valija Gitana, The Room, Treats, Kaliche surf, Bora Bora, Soccer Gol, Gravity & PRTickets


Metro: 787.668.6186
787.632.9920 I 787.201.5609 I 787.605.1521 I 787.467.1555 I 787.515.1098 I 787.638.9121 I 787.530.8685 787.510.9891 I 787.232.2434
Carolina/Isla Verde: 787.955.1744
Isabela/Aguadilla: 787.718.5191
Mayaguez/Coamo: 787.448.4960 I 787.704.9980
Rio Grande/Canovanas: 787.550.0008 I 787.528.2826
Cayey/Caguas: 787.449.4277 / 787.617.8978
Ponce: 787.590.3571

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