On The Fringe Wednesday #10: Disclosure

By: Forward Musiq

Well we made it! This is On The Fringe’s tenth post! So in celebration of the months of giving you the best of the PR and international underground we give you the UK’s hottest garage and experimental EDM duo, Disclosure.

Discloure is a deep house/garage duo from Surrey, England made up of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence who are two huge music nerds, being involved in many underground music projects before this breakthrough project. Disclosure’s sound is best described as raw sounding house and melodic atmospheric post dubstep. Their first single was released on Moshi Moshi records in 2010, titled “Offline Dexterity”. Their second release, entitled  ‘Carnival/I Love…That You Know’, came in 2011 on Transparent Records. Also in this same year they released a free EP with the tracks “Blue You”, “My Intention is War” and “Just Your Type”, a normal thing for up and coming experimental talents in the post EDM genres where exposure can be hard to come by.

On 2012, just a couple of years after the Lawrence brothers started this unique project, they broke through with “Tenderly / Flow”, which became with a lot of radio play, a hit single in the UK over night. On June of the same year Disclosure releases their second EP The Face on the Greco-Roman label. Disclosure broke cemented their name as a legit post EDM music project with their heavily played remix of Jessie Ware’s track “Running”. The duo released their most famous single “Latch” in October. “Latch” made its way into the UK Singles Chart at number 26 and at it’s peak reached number 11, which is no small feat for such a young group competing with the UK’s electro heavy music scene. Their latest release is a remix of Artful Dodger’s “Please Don’t Turn Me On” which came out on December 10 and their first full length release is set to come out in March 2013.



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