Infected Mushroom- Friends On Mushrooms Vol.1


By: Forward Musiq

Infected Mushroom’s new unholy concoction, Friends On Mushrooms Vol.1, has finally seen the light of day, and let us tell you, it’s massive. Composed of 4 tracks, the EP covers a wide array of genre’s from Reggea, to Electro House, to a weird mix between Glitch-Hop and Moombahcore, and it really wouldn’t be Infected Mushroom without some Psychedelic Trance. The overall sound is extremely similar to their album Army Of Mushrooms, which many may say is stale, but the Israeli duo manage to bring freshness into their tracks with ease and ability. This is specially noted on their collaboration with Hope 6, on their Reggea track (don’t be fooled by the Dubstep beat, it’s Reggea. They also collaborated with Astrix on the track Astrix on Mushrooms bringing back that Psychedelic Trance and mixing it with their new energetic style, a must for those hardcore Infected fans. Bellow you will find Previews of each of the songs, and you can get the EP on Beatport.



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