Daft Punk Spring 2013

By: Forward Musiq

The Gods of Dance music, Daft Punk, have returned at last, officially announcing that their fourth album will be released sometime in Spring of this year. Already in the process of finalizing the contract with Sony/Columbia for the album (leaving their past label EMI), the robotic French duo has been biggest topic as of yesterday in the EDM community. News of the official statement came from the mouth of no other than Guy-Manuel, allegedly telling some of his friends the news at Kavinsky’s party sometime around last week for his latest album release. 2012 was plagued by constant rumors of Daft Punk’s return, leading one to anticipate that 2013 was going to be the final date. With announcements of their collaborations with artists such as Paul Williams and Nile Rodgers, we have that limited idea of how the album will turn out, and we can safely say that if 2012 was ruled by EDM, 2013 will be dominated by Daft Punk. Regarding their Summer tour, the details remains quite illusive, with rumors often stating that there will and will not be a tour, we just say time will tell what new live performance Thomas and Guy-Holmes will bring into the scene.


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