On The Fringe Wednesday #11: KOAN Sound


By: Forward Musiq

Well kids after more than a month of absence, this writer and this column is back and in full swing. Life can take some unexpected turns but I’m back and I’m pulling out all the stops to bring you a fresh new artist rocking the EDM scene or an underground king of dance every Wednesday! So let’s get to it. This week I’m presenting the hottest duo in glitch hop and moombahton in America and the UK, KOAN Sound.

KOAN Sound are a bass music duo from Bristol, UK comprised of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow. Formed in 2008 after the fall of a couple of other underground EDM acts caved, these two passionate individuals got together with the goal of creating something fresh and exiting, while still keeping to their more rock oriented influences. KOAN Sound in highly influenced by rock acts like Rage Against the Machine and The Prodigy, as well as bass giants Dieselboy and Noisia. This blend of styles have inspired these Bristol boys to create some of the most musically elaborate and tangent pieces of glitch hop, moombahton and dubstep you will hear in the growing, young scene.

Their first releases in 2011 include an independently released free EP called “Free EP”, Max Out in Inspected Records and Funk Blaster in OWSLA.

Just because their first official release was in 2011, it doesn’t mean this duo hasn’t been cranking out tunes since well before. They started their legacy as production masters since 2008 with the release of Clowny/Blessed single and have been releasing random singles to this day, the latest being “Risky Endeavours”. They really are one of the hardest working EDM groups of this decade.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to make a mean remix, hell, they are one of the best. Some of their MANY remixes include Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody”, Kill The Noise’s “Deal With It”, Reso’s “Axion” and “Green & Blue” from Halo 4’s soundtrack.

KOAN Sound’s last release was their 2012 EP called Sly Fox, a fun and funky dive into jumpy glitch hop, one of their most fun and synth lased releases.



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