On The Fringe #12: Burial

By: Forward Musiq

William Bevan a.k.a Burial is one of the best producers the UK has ever created. Burial is a true producing wizard, armed only with his PC, he has created ambient, rock solid dubstep infused electronica, unlike anything the world has ever seen. Burial started making music way back in 2005, and just a year later he releases his self titles debut album “Burial” to critical acclaim, become respected music magazine The Wire’s album of the year. In 2007, only a year later, he releases “Untrue”, another modern electronica marvel.

After the release of “Untrue” Burial started releasing increasingly more atmospheric EPs that have been critically acclaimed and true underground favorites, without becoming much of a house hold name. These EPs include Ghost Hardware, Moth / Wolf Cub (with Four Tet), Ego / Mirror (with Four Tet and Thom Yorke), Street Halo, Four Walls / Paradise Circus (with Massive Attack) and Kindred.

Burial’s latest EP is “Truant/Rough Sleeper”, his post polished releases to date. It’s two almost 12 minute tracks of subtle instrumentation, with aspects of trance and house sprinkled over a bed of chillstep and electronica.


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